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Re: Update on Things got ugly

Posted: Sun Aug 23, 639265 12:53 pm
by trish
If It was me I'd ask/demand to do a 24 hour test ASAP. It doesn't cost the Dr. anything to order it - you're the one who has to pee in a jug for a day!! Having those results would be a useful indicator of whether you should "officially" have a PE diagnosis. If your Dr. refuses to order the 24 hour test, I'd ask why. Several of our members have then asked for their chart to pleased be noted that they asked for the test and it was refused. It's terrible that sometimes we have to work so hard to advocate for our care but it sounds like you will have to. Hang in there & keep us updated, (((HUGS))).

Re: Update on Things got ugly

Posted: Sun Aug 23, 639265 11:38 am
by chubbiesmom
I have kept a journal of everything since August, when everything started. I'm 28 weeks 6 days right now.

Re: Update on Things got ugly

Posted: Sun Aug 23, 639265 10:26 am
by babycangel
Oh my goodness, I am sorry, but your doc sounds very incompetent! You are spilling protein, you got high readings from paramedics (!), you might have had a seizure and they keep acting like you are making this all up? I would seriously consider telling them that you are getting in touch with a lawyer for a possible malpractice case. Definitely document everything, they are being grossly negligent!! Why don't they just keep you in the hospital for observation if they have such doubts??

Wow, I don't know what else to say, but you should definitely try to find someone else you can see. It makes me grateful that I have a good doc who takes things very seriously.

*hugs* How far along are you now?

Update on Things got ugly

Posted: Sat Aug 22, 639265 11:52 pm
by chubbiesmom
I saw my ob that I usually see not the one that was on call. She was upset that the other Ob handled my situation the way she did and didn't fill anyone else in on it. Not that I care that they aren't labelIng me with the PE diagnosis yet , but I just don't know why they don't see what I'm seeing. At least I got my baby an extra week to grow. She also told me to not go to the fire department again for my blood pressure because the paramedic must not be doing somethIng right when taking my Bp. Kind of funny, everyone except L&d gets high readings. She also said because a medical professional didn't see my seizure, it really doesn't count(wth??) If I do nothing, I can keep my Bp 140/90 area. If I do anything I get as high as 188/100. My urine (well hydrated ) was +2 in the office but no order for a 24hr. She ordered a ton of tests, but I have zero confidence. She was goIng to consult with the Mfm today. I physically don't know how much more my body can take. When my Bp starts shooting up I feel like another seizure could start. I can't see making it to term :(