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Re: Introducing myself...

Posted: Sun Jan 29, 2012 07:33 am
by Andrea0526
Well I did go in to the Dr. on Friday and luckily saw the midwife I've been requesting, she always has more time for my questions and I feel is much more open and forthcoming with her answers.

I wish I has thought to bring my monitor with me, I had no idea they could calibrate it at the office. I will be sure to bring it next time!

As for "baseline", I assume that means an average reading when I'm well controlled? If so, it would be around the 115-120/70-75 range.

When I went in for my appointment I found out that my total 24 hour protein level is at 6, which means I'm no where near Pre E levels yet... however even with the doubled up dose of Labetalol my BP was still 138/78 at 10am, which for me is not good. So they're saying my BP is not well controlled at this point, and they will continue to watch for signs of Pre E. I'll start my weekly BPP's and NST's this week, they also mentioned running weekly labs.

I guess I'm a little nervous about them looking more at lab work, and it getting to "that point" because I suffered acute liver failure as a teenager. I was taking WAY too much Tylenol to treat migraines and ended up in a coma for 10 days. During that time all my major organs suffered a great deal of trauma and I was on dialysis for quite some time after I woke up. I'm not at all sure my organs will withstand what Pre E can dish out as well as the next gal. And if they're looking mostly at labs, they're basically waiting for these organs to start failing. Upper right quadrant pain? That's liver failure!! Yikes. When I was sick before there was less than 24 hours between the time I started to feel sick and the time I was completely delirious from all the toxins in my body... very scary stuff. So although I've never been down this particular path I can well imagine what a woman who has previously had Pre E must feel like in subsequent pregnancies.

On the bright side, at this point in my pregnancy I don't have much doubt that our new little princess will be able to handle life outside the womb.

So for all of you more experienced Mom's out there... is it common for a woman to experience HBP that is not well controlled and have it NOT turn into Pre E at some point? Is it common to have protein in the urine that does not get worse over time? Is it obsessive of me to have found a pharmacy that sells protein test strips and monitor myself at home?

It's probably the most frustrating to me to be jugging the emotions of wanting to care in my normal manner for the two daughters I already have and not being fully able because honestly I feel unwell. Also wanting (even though it's ugly to admit) to help labor along so that I don't get "to that point" and facing the unkown. :oops:

Re: Introducing myself...

Posted: Fri Jan 27, 2012 01:38 pm
by heather j
Hi, Andrea! So sorry someone is just now seeing this! Hopefully, you've been able to get some answers at your appointment today. I would take your bp monitor into the office and calibrate it against the one they use. You'll get a better idea of how it's reading. Second, do you know what your baseline is? You should definitely be concerned if you see a rise equivalent to +30/+15 points on your baseline. 140/90 is standard diagnostic criteria, but because some folks run lower than this, the 30/15 guideline is a good one to reference. With you being medicated already, it is a *very* good idea to get specific call-in numbers from your doctor. Are you getting fetal monitoring? You should request both NSTs and BPPs at this stage in your pregnancy to monitor fetal well-being. Make sure you are also doing kick counts if you haven't started yet. When you get the numbers back from your 24, anything +/= to 300 mg, is PE territory. Hope your appointment went better than expected. Let us know how you're faring! :)

Re: Introducing myself...

Posted: Wed Jan 25, 2012 02:05 pm
by Andrea0526
OK... so I have until Friday when I have a regularly scheduled appointment to get my act together! I plan to do as much research as I can, and even though my OB spends roughly 5 minutes or preferable less with his patients I plan to have a short list of important questions that he has no choice but to answer...

I read the thread on questions to ask, but know that he has limited patience for his patients (basically don't call him until there's something he can catch... OH how I wish I switched earlier!)
Q. 1 What is his defining criteria?
Q. 2 What were the exact levels of protein from the 24 hour urine....
Q. 3 What further testing can I expect?

I def feel like I need to be judicious and ask only the most important questions...

One question I have for you all is in regards to "call in" numbers...

I have always experienced "normal" BP on my meds... so I was concerned that it's coming up. I currently take 100mg of Labetelol 3x day, he has increased it to 200 mg 3X a day. My 1pm BP was 158/92, and I have a feeling my at home monitor is not quite correct....

I guess I'm wondering what's "normal" for this condition, BP wise....I know I'll have more questions but have to go drop off my pee :)

Introducing myself...

Posted: Wed Jan 25, 2012 12:35 am
by Andrea0526
my name is Andrea. I'm a 33 YO mother of two beautiful daughters, ages 9 and 2, and I'm 34.5 weeks pregnant with baby girl #3.
I came to this site looking for information/ support because I have chronic severe hypertension that is normally well controlled through meds. With my 2 YO my BP was well managed with medication and no problems arose. (With my older daughter I was too young and basically stupid to realize I had chronic hypertension).
However.... Lately I've been waking during the night with heart palpitations, and on Sunday I decided to take my BP... it was 145/85 in the middle of the night and my pulse rate was 105. I started monitoring it on Sunday and took numbers until Monday afternoon when I called my OB. Finally got in to see the midwife in the practice yesterday and was told there was protein in my urine. My BP at the Dr was 155/95. I realize these numbers aren't outrageous, but still MUCH higher than normal with meds...
Anyhow, she ordered a blood test and 24 hour urine, done collecting in 30 mins....
Basically I'm here because I feel like my doctor doesn't really care.... He's been in the business so long his motto seems to be "don't tell mom ANYTHING that could possible upset her" and I feel like they definitely downplay bad news..... I just want the facts!!