Preeclampsia criteria?

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Re: Preeclampsia criteria?

Postby alexis » Tue Feb 28, 2012 11:10 am

The official criteria are BP of 140/90 and 24 hour urine of 300. Dips are of limited use because they measure concentration, so if your urine is very dilute or very concentrated, you'll get an off result. I would suspect that with a baseline of 275, you're testing positive by dip--at the end of my 2nd pregnancy, with a 24 hour count of 147 (about 10 days before I delivered), I was coming up as trace or 1+ at every visit (I was in twice a week). With a baseline of 275, you might want to ask your OB if he's considered a repeat 24 hour. I wound up having 4 24 hour collections in my 2nd pregnancy.

Blood pressure typically drops during the first half of pregnancy and then rises again, returning to baseline. If this is above your pre-pregnancy baseline, it's definitely worth keeping an eye on, even though it is not yet 140/90.

I wouldn't be worried yet that your doctor is not panicking, but given that you have a history (HELLP?) I understand your concern. If your blood pressure rises above 140/90 at home, don't hesitate to call your OB. Some heartburn and shortness of breath is normal for the third trimester, especially if the baby is high (my first was high and breech until shortly before delivery, and I had to sleep upright because the acid burned my throat) but if it worsens, call. Aspirin irritates the stomach, which might explain why your heartburn is worse after you take LDA.
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Preeclampsia criteria?

Postby marialynn242 » Tue Feb 28, 2012 09:07 am

At my baseline protein it was 275 I cant remember how far along I was id say about 20 weeks my dr hasnt said anything to me about my urine test at any of my appts so im guessing that means theres no trace protein.
Im now 35 weeks (9 weeks further along than when I had my son) and im noticing some swelling and my bp in the office the other day was 130/80 it usually runs about 120/70 my dr still didnt seem concern.
I have been taking my blood pressures at home and they range but I havent got anthing over 135/80

Other symptoms: Heartburn (especially after taking lda), shortness of breathe that started at 29 weeks, leg cramps from the swelling im guessing but the swelling does go down in the morning and is only very noticable late in the evening, carpel tunnel syndrome hands are always sore and numb GREAAAT. Hands are a little swollen but no swellling in the face and no urq pain like I had with my son.

Anyways should I be concerned that my dr isnt concerned or with my blood pressure not being extrememly high and the fact that im not showing any protein yet the reason hes not concern. Also when should I get concerned about the preeclampsia?

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