dull upper right quadrant pain?

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Re: dull upper right quadrant pain?

Postby libby123 » Sat Mar 09, 639557 1:26 pm

I am glad you called your doctor and mentioned your symptoms, I hope you hear back soon.

When I was pregnant, I had some issues with my body stretching and cramping at around 21 weeks as well. For me, it turned out to be round ligament pain which was just the baby getting bigger and stretching the uterus. I also had bad indigestion throughout my entire pregnancy, and for me it was not pre-e related.

I wish you the best of luck! Let us know what your doctor says, and we are here for you throughout your pregnancy.
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Re: dull upper right quadrant pain?

Postby aajatwins » Sat Mar 09, 639557 10:36 am

I had that pain for weeks (maybe months) in my twin pregnancy. I also literally had a set of feet or knees in that same spot on every ultrasound, so we never thought much else about it. But from the beginning of that pregnancy, I had horrible heartburn all the time, too. My swelling didn't come on until the last couple of weeks (being around 34-36). My BP crept up slowly, so it was all very hard to put together.

I'm glad you called the doc! Those are all worth mentioning, especially when put together. Where are you swelling?
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dull upper right quadrant pain?

Postby Jax2011 » Sat Mar 09, 639557 10:21 am

I'm 21 weeks pregnant and have noticed a dull annoying pain under my right ribcage for the last week. I also have horriable indegistion, some minor swelling and floaters that come and go. No elevated bp yet. I called my Dr today and am waiting for a call back.

Anyone have this before? What would you do with this pain?
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