What happened to me??

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Re: What happened to me??

Postby caryn » Tue Aug 13, 639563 4:07 pm

Oddly, "the headache" isn't from blood pressure! It's a sign of impending seizure and it does not correlate well with blood pressure. (For example, I hit 220/116 consistently for a week and never developed a headache.)

That sounds very much like a seizure that didn't make you lose consciousness, but created symptoms... or maybe a pre-seizure? I have had seizures from another underlying condition and before they hit I have what they call an aura. It's not like a migraine aura, except in that it appears right before the symptoms and sometimes I don't end up seizing, just getting an aura.
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Re: What happened to me??

Postby aajatwins » Mon Jul 22, 639563 7:17 pm

Those are crazy symptoms! I honestly do not know what that would've been - hopefully, someone else will be able to shed a little light for you. But certainly those high pressures can make crazy things happen in your body.
I did have the seizures, but beforehand I felt "perfectly fine" aside from the headache. I was in the middle of induction, but just sitting in the bed after having my water broken and epidural in. I remember the nurse leaving the room and talking with my husband and mother-in-law when I suddenly felt "fuzzy"... a little like being light-headed, but my vision was also blurry (or something like it). I don't know if I couldn't speak, but it was more like it didn't occur to me to speak. But I remember knowing something was wrong and turning to look at my husband - I thought if he saw my face, he would see that something was wrong and act on it. But before I could turn my head that far, it appeared the room began shaking (my body was not actually jerking, but my vision was).

Anyway, that is more info than you needed, but the only way I know how to explain what it felt like! I'm glad your doctor was pro-active and hope you are both doing well now.
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What happened to me??

Postby chippery » Sat Jul 20, 639563 10:01 am

I just had my daughter (3rd pre-e pregnancy) 2 days ago via emergency c-section at 34 1/2 weeks. This pregnancy was very strange, in regards to the way pre-e hit. I never had the swelling, my blood pressures swung up and down by 20-40 points w/in minutes and hours so medication wasn't possible, I was battling kidney stones and what we think was the gallbladder area pre-e issues (although no stones were found on ultrasound.) I did have protein, +1 the entire pregnancy, which went from 308 to 402 w/in days before the birth. I have no idea what it was at the time of the c-section because I was 12 hours into the 24 hour urine collection and they ended up dumping it. Other blood work was off, but some of it was because I'd reopened an ulcer I got 2 years ago, while using the pain medications for the kidney stones and excess acid in my stomach. So, let's just say the poor doctors had their work cut out for them! Anyways, I'd started to develop "the headache" that us pre-e mom's know very well from blood pressure - even though I never had a consistent high bp. 4 days of it, and then I went in. Tylenol, Tylenol with codeine nor Excedrin would lessen it (Excedrin just twice because I was scared of it while pregnant.) I went into triage, they admitted me knowing my pre-e history. I'd been laying in a bed for a few hours when I started to feel the following symptoms:
-wind burned face
-very red ears
-felt like a 20 pound bowling ball was growing inside of my head
-pupils got small (and unresponsive to doctors flashlight)
-neck was stiff
-I felt like a bobble head toy
-and the rest of my body just felt "off"

Something was terribly wrong, but I didn't know what. I actually contemplated getting onto the floor in case I busted out into a seizure.

I called the nurse in (which felt like it took her an eternity!) and by the time she arrived, my symptoms had started to lessen. About 15 minutes after the "episode", my blood pressure was 170'ish/90'ish. Sorry, can't remember the actual number, I was a tad bit shaken from it. Then another 20 minutes later it was 155/something. I never actually went into convulsions. The doctor ordered the emergency c-section w/in the hour and classified me as severe pre-e again (I had severe w/ pregnancy #1. Pregnancy #2 was "just" pre-e.)

What do you think happened? I'm honestly stumped. My intuition is that it was pre-seizure that reduced at the last minute...but I've never had one so I don't know. I have a follow up tomorrow and will talk to the doctor more in depth - but just asking for your thoughts.

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