new here..just diagnosed and now worried

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Re: new here..just diagnosed and now worried

Postby lilbecksxx » Mon Sep 01, 639569 11:20 am

I don't have any answers for you, but I am in the same boat as you!

Just diagnosed at 35+6 (now 36+2) with mild pre-e. Been told I will be induced at 37-39 weeks depending on how the monitoring goes. I have to go for Non Stress Tests twice a week, as well as Amniotic Fluid checks & growth scans.

Hope you get some answers :)

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new here..just diagnosed and now worried

Postby ginni3488 » Mon Sep 01, 639569 10:56 am

Hi everyone. I'm 24 and this is my first child. I have a few questions. I went to the hospital last Monday with blood pressure of 159/99. I was given a 24 hour test on Tuesday and sent home. On Thursday I was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia and gestational diabetes. I have to take my blood sugar 4 times a day and am taking my blood pressure 4 times a day. My blood pressures are always in the 140s/90s. I've had a few in the 150s but not in the last few days. I'm on bed rest and a strict diet for the diabetes and can't have salt. I'm 34 weeks 2 days. The dr. says she will probably induce at 39 weeks but the more research I do, it seems like people don't really make it that long.

My questions are..
Is there any way to tell when and if things will go bad? I'm very worried now which probably doesn't help my blood pressure.
Are there any specific questions I should be asking my doctor? I see her tomorrow morning.
How bad are blood pressures consistently ranging in the 140s/90s?
I believe those blood pressures aren't very serious but at what point does it become serious?
Can pre-eclampsia go away or stay the same for the rest of my pregnancy and I can deliver naturally without being induced if that happens?

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