New to this forum, 33 weeks pregnant

This section is for discussions with other women who have probably been through the same signs/symptoms that you may be experiencing. Please note, we cannot offer medical advice and encourage members to discuss their concerns with their doctors. New members, come on in and introduce yourself!
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Re: New to this forum, 33 weeks pregnant

Postby brandib » Mon Aug 23, 640213 3:15 pm

Hi there. How are you feeling now? Have your pressures gone up anymore?

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Re: New to this forum, 33 weeks pregnant

Postby alviarin » Thu Jul 22, 640213 2:15 am

Welcome to the forums, though I'm sorry to hear your blood pressure (BP) isn't behaving.

During my second pregnancy, when my BP started acting up, I asked for a referall to a MFM specializing in high risk pregnancies.
At my appointment the MFM told me that my high pressure readings meant that I was headed for chronic hypertension later in life, headed for preeclampsia (again), or both. Definitely not what I wanted to hear!

As far as what you can do, make sure you know the signs of symptoms of pre-eclampsia: ... n-symptoms
It's believed that preeclampsia starts in early pregnancy with placentation so there isn't really anything to do at this point besides watchful waiting.

Something that helped me feel better was checking my blood pressure at home. My last OB would have me check BP morning and night, and gave me some numbers at which to call in or just head straight to L&D. You can also bring in your monitor to the docs to compare readings and make sure it is consistent with what they are getting in the office. You could also talk to your doc about possibility of getting a baseline 24 hour urine test done. (and then repeat the test if anything changes, to see if your proteinura is trending up or not).

Ussually with mild preeclampsia induction is recommended at 37 weeks, but here's hoping that you have many more boring weeks of pregnancy ahead of you!
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New to this forum, 33 weeks pregnant

Postby kc295905 » Tue Jun 29, 640213 7:00 am

I am 33 weeks with my first. My bp has always ran a little high, which I always thought was weird bc I have a healthy bmi and consider myself to live a healthy lifestyle. It usually runs higher at the doctor as well. At the beginning of this pg I asked my doctor if this would be a concern later on (I think my bp has averaged 130/mid 80s this pg) but she didn't act like it would be a problem. My last appointment my bp was the highest it's been, 140/90. during the third check it went down to 130/80 something. she said she just wants to monitor it and not to google preeclampsia (ha ). I have a fetal growth ultrasound this week to check growth. I just want to know if there's anything else I should be doing(dr said there wasn't unless I was eating a lot of sodium and drinking a lot of caffeine-I'm not). I've been monitoring my bp and it's ranged from 116/83 to 141/95. Also what are the chances this will turn into pre e ? should I expect to be induced? what should I do to be prepared?

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