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Re: New here, looking for others' experiences

Posted: Tue Feb 01, 640828 10:45 pm
Hi Grace,

You're very welcome. It's normal to feel the way you're feeling--not easy, but normal. You're scared and worried about your baby and your other children, and as moms we do that. Great doctors understand that and will partner with you to ease your stress and help you understand everything going on. Although there are never any guarantees in life, I hope that you can find comfort that you are doing everything for your children and yourself, and that you have partnered with a healthcare provider who is helping you along the way.

Glad that you got your lab numbers and that you're going back on Friday. If I were you, and if anything concerns you, I'd call your healthcare provider. I had the itchy and dry hands, too, in my case it was dry skin, but my perinatologist told me that he was glad I brought it up, because it could have been something more serious. Like I said, you seem to have a great partnership with your doctor, and I'd continue to let her know if anything is bothering you. I know you have an appointment on Friday, but if I were you I would get that peace of mind and call if anything felt worse or off. As the Preeclampsia Foundation says: "Know the symptoms, trust yourself." You've been very proactive to this point, so keep it up. Your fourth child will be here soon :)

My twins with my first pregnancy were induced. I had an awesome MFM and nursing team, and they helped ease my fears throughout the whole process. They told me every step along the way, and it helped ease my stress. I'd always ask: "What is that for? What are you doing? Is there a downside?" And my nurse would tell me.

In terms of induction or C-section, when you trust your doctor whole-heartedly, you can come to a decision of what's best for you and your baby. From the sounds of it, your doctor has a good feel for you and your pregnancy, and on Friday (or sooner, if you feel the need to call and she feels the need for you to come in), you can go into induction or whatever your doctor recommends with both eyes open knowing what to expect. Ask them the questions that will ease your mind so you know what's going on.

Wishing you the very best, peace, and cheering you on as you get closer to holding your baby girl,

Re: New here, looking for others' experiences

Posted: Sun Jan 23, 640828 6:52 pm
by GraceWalker
Thank you so much for your response. I really appreciate all the work in getting it to me lol. I actually obtained a copy of my bloodwork today just to ease my mind. Red blood cells are all low- the RBC, HGB and HCT are all borderline low and have dropped just a tad since my last draw. My platelets have dropped since my last blood draw, but only by 13 and are still on the high end of "normal", so that is reassuring. Liver enzymes are up one each from last draw and still easily within "normal" range, so that is also reassuring. I'm sure some variance in the levels is totally normal and probably coincidental.

Incidentally, the results from my third protein test came back 500, last time it was 320. I have another appt Friday and she advised as I was walking out that she was probably going to stop the pregnancy soon, "like probably Friday". I will be 35 weeks 5 days then. I am hoping very much that she will let me attempt induction, as I've had three successful vaginally deliveries and never had a c section. I am very nervous/ I have never been induced and never had a preterm delivery. I am nervous for my baby girl and also for my health. I am terrified that I will die and leave my four children behind. I suppose it's natural to be scared.

I am very excited that she will be here soon, but wondering if she will let us wait one more week for safety's sake or if Friday is the best decision. We will know soon❤️

My hands since this weekend are suddenly very dry and itchy- I forgot to mention that to her.

Thank you so much for responding. I really appreciate it!!!

Best of luck to you❤️

Re: New here, looking for others' experiences

Posted: Sun Jan 23, 640828 5:04 am
Hi Grace,

It sounds like you've been very diligent and have been keeping track of your own symptoms, and that you've been communicating well with your health care provider.

From my own experience, the best thing that I did was tell my perinatologist everything--he used to say: "It's your job to tell me everything. I'll tell you if it's important or not." He wanted me to tell him everything, even the smallest symptoms or what I thought might be nothing, or bothersome symptoms that went away. If something's bugging you, or a few things are, I'd talk to your doctor about it. Each pregnancy is different, each case is different. So since this pregnancy is different from the other three, I would bring up anything that is different or that you just don't feel right about. Preeclampsia is nasty and can sneak up, so that communication is key.

If I were you, I'd call about the headache that went away, the rib pain, the tender kidneys. The most important thing for you as a mom-to-be for this baby is to have peace of mind and have the questions answered by your doctor; you seem to have a good partnership and she will hopefully answer your questions to your satisfaction. Hopefully you can talk to her and ask her questions and tell her any concerns that you may have. If "on the low side" isn't adequate enough explanation for you, I'd ask "What is normal?" and "Is there anything specifically that is detrimental about being on the low side? Is there something that I can do about it? Are there symptoms to look out for to call you or go into L&D immediately?" That way, you're as proactive as possible, and have that peace of mind that you are doing everything possible.

One thing that helped me, was having a support system of friends in place to take my kids if I had an emergency and had to go to my doctor or go to L&D. That way, the home base is covered should your doctor ask you to come in.

Hope this helps,

Wishes for the best,

New here, looking for others' experiences

Posted: Tue Jan 11, 640828 4:13 am
by GraceWalker
This is my fourth full term pregnancy. My previous three pregnancies were free of complications, but the most recent one was about 7 years ago. I do believe I developed an autoimmune disorder from or immediately after my last pregnancy.

High blood pressure started about 28-30 weeks but has been mostly borderline high with a few spikes. Doctor has been really great, taken everything very seriously and I've seen her weekly or twice weekly since then. Am 35 weeks now and seeing her twice every week. She started me on Procardia about 4 1/2 weeks ago and I've been on bedrest for two weeks now due to symptoms worsening. Have done three 24 hour urines, the last of which I turned in yesterday. Have also been sent to the hospital twice for evaluation. My headache became severe Sunday night but calmed down from about 7-10 am yesterday- which was exactly when my appt was. Got home and it spiked again. I monitor my blood pressure at home and it has increased a lot lately, for being at home, but is maintaining about 130-150/70-90. Generally it stayed about 140/80 most of yesterday, with a peak of 163/88, but went down shortly thereafter. I only slept and stayed in bed all day other than my appt yesterday. I can feel a twinge of the headache today (it magically practically disappeared with only the typical manageable lingering around 8 pm last night). I don't know why the headache was SO terrible when my bp wasn't that high overall. It is most definitely related to my blood pressure though. I planned to call her today if it wasn't better. Of course, now it is. I am very thankful since I really don't want to be stuck in the hospital unless I need to for my baby girl. She measures her fluid at least every week and I see her again tomorrow.

My blood was drawn Friday and she scheduled our follow up for today. The nurse said the red blood and creatinine levels were "a little low, everything seems a little low" and borderline preeclamptic. My previous blood tests were all normal, but I expected a change at some point. My dr said the liver enzymes and platelet levels still look good. I just turned in my third 24 hour urine test today. The last one protein was 320. She is seeing me twice a week now, and I'm on bedrest. I'm just wondering if anyone knows what the everything looking a little low would mean. I'm assuming the platelet levels are borderline or a little low also, but not dangerously.

Growth scan- so at 19 and 22 weeks Maizie was 84th percentile. At 32 weeks she was 76th. Before she scanned her growth again, she said "she's not tenth percentile, so it's ok". She knows I'm concerned about her growing enough. I remember the measurements at 32 weeks and 4 days showing 34 weeks 6 days. At the growth scan from 34 weeks 5 days all the measurements appeared to still be in the 34 week range. She did say she is good and she is growing, but the measurements appeared to be too close to the scan from two weeks ago. Today I asked her if she is still really big and she said "not too big" and that was it. She did not offer me percentile range as she had on Friday from the previous scan. I'm thinking that her growth has slowed and she does not want to stress me out and it is still safer for her to be inside.

I've also started having burning rib pain yesterday, it started on the right side but faded and seems to fade in and out on my left side now. I know it is on the right side for preeclampsia, but my kidneys also feel tender now. I'm wondering if any of this is a warning sign.

I just wanted to know anyone's experiences or opinions about any of this?

Thanks so much for any input ladies ❤️❤️❤️