daughter 31 wks with twins Need advice

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Re: daughter 31 wks with twins Need advice

Postby kb » Wed Jan 24, 641151 8:32 pm

From my experience, doctors weigh the health of the mother against the viability of the baby. When you're in the thick of it, it seems like the doctor should let you deliver, but it is best for babies to stay in as long as possible.

It's so frustrating though, especially when we hear of 37 and 38 week babies being stillborn due to mothers hypertensive disorder.

My last baby was born at 36 weeks and was very strong. At 34 weeks I was getting extremely anxious. Those two weeks were very important for his development but I was so anxious . I felt like he's alive, I'm alive, this has gone long enough. I understand now why the doctor waited. I was very well managed.

The best advocates for the mother are women family members, her own mother, sister, aunts-always press the issue even if you annoy people. She is in no state to advocate for herself. Do what you think is best for the health of your daughter and grandchild.

PE moms should seek the best doctors and deliver in the best hospitals.

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Re: daughter 31 wks with twins Need advice

Postby eleni » Fri Apr 23, 641148 3:18 am

Hi Sharon,
You're asking the right questions. Sometimes hospitals don't want to transfer because they don't want to lose the business. Sometimes there really is no need to transfer. Her blood pressures sound awfully high to be "waiting" unless they're treating her with blood pressure-lowering medication - and it's working. Of course, there's no way to know from where we sit, but if I were you I would probably call another MFM in the area for a second opinion. You may want to print out the 2013 definition of preeclampsia (top of page 18) and ask your providers to look at the part where a high blood pressure reading plus some other signs (besides protein in the urine) are relevant criteria. It's also possible that they have diagnosed preeclampsia but are trying to see if they can keep her and babies pregnant and healthy for awhile longer. Doing that in a hospital that can care for an unwell mother and preemie babies would be important to me.

guidelines: http://www.acog.org/Resources_And_Publi ... _Pregnancy
finding an MFM: https://www.smfm.org/members

Keep us posted!

Best wishes,
Eleni Z. Tsigas
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Preeclampsia Foundation

2x PE survivor; 29 week daughter died, 35 week IUGR son made it after 2 weeks of NICU fun; 3rd pregnancy PE-free resulted in strapping 8 pounder son, born at term.

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daughter 31 wks with twins Need advice

Postby sharon.bransom » Sat Mar 06, 641148 2:45 am

My daughter is 31 wks an 3 days. She has been in the hospital, no nicu, for last week. She has the high bp 180 over 90 but her highest was 189 over 99 that sent her to we. She has vision problems..swelling protein in urine 3+ w catheter with some blood....now the lower half of her belly below belly button has fluid plus I just learned she has fluid in lower back.
Her doctor is saying labs look good just waiting for something to change before he sends her to ft worth hospital NICU level 3. I'm very concerned and I feel like he should send her now not wait. She is 25 and 1st pregnancy. What is your opionin? Should I force the issue for him to send her?
Thank you for what you do!!

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