Some days it feels

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Re : Some days it feels

Postby timelessbeauty » Thu Jun 18, 637665 1:44 am


I think of you often and hold you dear to heart. You do have a very special girl and we shall all remember her with you.


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Re : Some days it feels

Postby kimb » Mon Jun 15, 637665 3:13 pm

In four weeks it will be 3 years since I lost William and last night I cried myself to sleep. I still say good night to him every night and tell him that mom and dad love him. I know he was my only chance to have a baby and that tears me up. I think of him multiple times a day -he is always with me. I still miss him so much.

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Re : Some days it feels

Postby mrs.magdaleno » Mon Apr 20, 637665 6:40 am

I have often wondered if I had another baby if it would take the pain away, but I know that pain will never go away because Jake will never be here with me. There are days that I feel okay but then all of a sudden I'm overcome with grief. The fact is I want my son here with me and there is nothing that can ever replace that feeling. Basically, I think we just all do the best we can to go on without our precious babies. I wish us all peace.

heather h
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Re : Some days it feels

Postby heather h » Sun Apr 19, 637665 7:37 pm


You said that so perfectly.. I dont know how you COULD forget.. I know this pain will be with me untill I get to see my baby again. One day... I thought before I got pregnant again that this new baby would take some of the pain away because at least I would have a child that I always wanted, but I found out that isnt the case either. Some days yes, are easier then others, but there's days that are alot worse and looking at Hayden reminds me of not having Shane here and makes me wonder if he would've looked like Hayden, and what his personality would've been, etc.
I have no idea how people can just move on and "forget". I'll forever have a peice of me missing..

Hugs to you T, and everyone else here who's lost a baby..

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julie f
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Re : Some days it feels

Postby julie f » Sat Apr 18, 637665 6:10 pm


Thinking of you... It has been almost three years here and I can't believe it. I have those days too, when I feel like I've just been knocked over by pain again.

Thinking of you.

Much love,

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Re : Some days it feels

Postby angelkat » Thu Apr 09, 637665 8:52 am


When we were in St.Louis and Katlyne is in Indiana, I felt so horrible to have her lay there and no one was there to visit her. I knew no one in DH's family would go there to see her and we tried our very best to get there as much as possible. It was a 7 hour car ride sure, people say, 7 hours isn't that long but it is...

Now that we are 2 hours away, I get there every few weeks. My DH made a comment to me the other day after leaving the cementary in regards to how good I am about getting to see Katlyne as he doesn't do very well with going but he does go (only when I go) which means if he is in town he doesn't go out of his way to the cementary. What I am trying to say Kelsi spirit will always be with you. And she will be there with smilies when you give birth. Something about giving birth does bring some peace but always brings more guilt(is that possible?)
Sending you huge hugs....

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Re : Some days it feels

Postby melissam » Thu Apr 09, 637665 6:33 am

hmmmmm, I was wondering about some of that just today. As I get ready to welcome another special little life into my life, I often wonder how the emotions will be handled. I have only been to Kelsi's grave a few times as I am 2,500 miles away. But I do know that each and everytime that I am there it is one of the most difficult things to do. We are so very aware of what we don't have here with us now. [:(]

Sending you many hugs.

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Re : Some days it feels

Postby hmoore » Thu Apr 09, 637665 3:54 am

I agree to! Sending you lots of hugs!

for faith
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Re : Some days it feels

Postby for faith » Wed Apr 08, 637665 1:56 pm

T ~ I so agree, today is 2yrs. 5mths. since Faith was born and many days are hard......thinking of you and Katlyne.

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Re : Some days it feels

Postby keneke68 » Tue Apr 07, 637665 1:13 pm

I second that we are forever changed. Sending you lots of hugs.

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