5 years tonight.......

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jana m
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Re : 5 years tonight.......

Postby jana m » Wed Aug 10, 638292 9:49 pm

Thinking of you and your courageous little girl.

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Re : 5 years tonight.......

Postby hhbeachgurl » Mon Aug 01, 638292 3:02 am

Sending you warm, gentle hugs

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Re : 5 years tonight.......

Postby kara » Mon Aug 01, 638292 12:24 am

And from Wisconsin tonight, we too are thinking about you and your angel, Katlyne. Many thoughts and hugs to you. I wish you got a one day pass on those papers.

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Re : 5 years tonight.......

Postby mom2tori » Sun Jul 31, 638292 11:46 pm

Thinking of you tonight and sending you huge hugs!!!

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Re : 5 years tonight.......

Postby mom2ella » Sun Jul 31, 638292 9:34 pm

Thinking of you and your baby girl tonight. What a great mommy she has!! (((HUGS)))

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Re : 5 years tonight.......

Postby mada » Sun Jul 31, 638292 8:33 pm

Sending you lots of love and hugs. I can't believe it's been 5 years. Katlyne remains in my thoughts T....take good care...Mada

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Re : 5 years tonight.......

Postby joker » Sun Jul 31, 638292 8:14 pm

Tracy, thinking of you and Katlyne tonight. Hugs.

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Re : 5 years tonight.......

Postby laura » Sun Jul 31, 638292 8:14 pm

Five year angel day? Oh my... I'm so sorry for the loss of your beloved Katlyne- her loss is still felt keenly, even from Alaska!

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5 years tonight.......

Postby angelkat » Sun Jul 31, 638292 8:08 pm

5 years ago I spent my last night sitting at Katlyne's side. I spent my last night of praying all night that our little girl would live just a little longer. Selfish I know, but, aren't we all selfish when it comes to waiting our babies here on earth?

Sitting here (while trying to write two papers which are due in the morning) I am in a daze. Remembering the exact moment I knew Katlyne was losing her battle with life. Her will to live was fading quickly. It should have been an easy decision for the Nurse inside me but the hardest one as a Mom.

The dream this night was one of a figure telling me it was time for her to leave earth, she will finally have peace and will be always with me. No longer than 10 mins after that dream the dreaded knock on the door from one of the nurses telling me to come quick.

I have to say, I was so very blessed to have Katlyne here with me for more than 3 months. Each day was more wonderful than the one before. We never heard her cry and for that I am greatful. So very greatful for my little baby girl.

Now, that I have rampled on and on.... It's time to go back to writing my papers.

My heart will always remain broken ......

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