5 years

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for faith
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Re : 5 years

Postby for faith » Sun Apr 13, 638302 5:13 am

Thinking of you Kim today, hope it was as peaceful as possible. We do understand :(

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Re : 5 years

Postby rosemary » Sat Mar 08, 638302 6:26 pm

Kim...what a kind and compassionate boss you have. You and your precious William are in my thoughts and prayers. Wishing you peace.

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Re : 5 years

Postby jsu_work » Wed Feb 26, 638302 10:50 am

Happy B-day William M
Hoping you a peaceful week

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Re : 5 years

Postby catherine » Tue Feb 25, 638302 11:20 pm

Kim, you know we're always happy to 'see' you. I will be thinking of you all over the weekend.

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5 years

Postby kimb » Tue Feb 25, 638302 9:09 pm

it has been a while since I have been here = but Monday will be 5 years since I lost William and today it is so raw. I hate the 4th of July now and take that week off every year now. Today was my last day of work before vacation and I cried all the way to work - was a mess when I got there, my boss told me to get done what I needed to and get out early - and she even had flowers delivered to me. This year has been especially hard since it is 5 years and that the days line up the same. I have one of those wierd brains where I remember strange details and dates and events - and I think 5 years ago today....about this time time I was leaving a new drs office and feeling positive about things - and then that night my whole world crashed. I still miss him SO MUCH.I know you guys understand - thanks for listening. Happy 5th bday William Michael - daddy and I will send you ballons on Monday!

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