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Posted: Sun Mar 28, 638315 7:05 pm
by neslo
Jane - Congratulations on nursing school! You will do a great job as nurse.

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Posted: Sun Mar 28, 638315 11:27 am
by jsu_work
Thanks for all of the great advice.

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Posted: Fri Mar 19, 638315 12:22 am
by rosemary
Jane - As the other gals have already said, we're only human - and none of us is perfect. It takes a special person to put the work and heart into becoming a nurse. You're a smart and compassionate lady - and that will make you and amazing nurse. Sending lots of good thoughts to you and big hugs too!

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Posted: Thu Mar 18, 638315 11:53 pm
by lisainnj
I just graduated from NS - wouldn't not have gone if I hadn't lost Francesca. There were bitter days when the loss of her was very strong in my mind and as an undercurrent it is always with me.

I believe your experience of grief will be a gift to your patients and make you a better nurse. (And how much we'd rather be happy-go-lucky nurses with a little one at home!)

About screwing up in the field - I know you'll be very careful, very conscientious, and yet lately I've been hearing nurses and doctors talking about mistakes they made. We're human; we don't know everything; it's not possible to be perfect, so we have to forgive ourselves at the same time that we aim at perfection and fall short.

Good luck to you, Jane. Penny will be watching when you graduate, saying go, Mom! And it will be bittersweet that she won't be in your arms. Strength and peace be with you.

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Posted: Wed Mar 17, 638315 7:16 pm
by suleaf
I started school right after Mira was born and lost.... I was envisioning a graduation where Mira would be there, in Q's arms, so I know that feeling all to well... I'm sorry.

BUT she's still there with you, like Mira is with me.

And oh, scary heart news but good to know!

Jane, I know you will get through this and you won't screw up. I know the grief is terrible and rough but you will make an amazing nurse and you will be there for people in a true way who grieve and lose loved ones.... I know the strength is there, somewhere inside, and Penny will be your heart guide to get you to the end.

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Posted: Wed Mar 17, 638315 11:24 am
by annes
Congrats on the nursing school! It will be hard, but Penny will be with you every step of the way cheering you on! I did not know about the heart stuff, yikes!


Posted: Wed Mar 17, 638315 2:28 am
by jsu_work
Okay so I have great news: I"m in nursing school, but it just doesn't feel that great right now. If I graduate this year, and I go to graduation I know that Penny will be on my mind the entire time. I had her dress picked out for her (Stop me if I've been through the rant already.) I know that I'm going to be so worried about screwing up in the field and causing the same sadness as before. But a break for trivia: Did you know that women's hearts are smaller and are more prone to atherosclorosis?