UPDATE: Going back into hospital...

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Re : UPDATE: Going back into hospital...

Postby jules2 » Thu Jan 15, 638635 12:07 am

Thanks everyone,

Lisa, I have had a renal ultrasound which showed my right kidney is about half the size of my left, and a renogram which showed that my right kidney only has about half the function of my left! I've not had MRI. Its pretty definite there is something wrong with one of my kidneys, but it could still be an intrinsic kidney problem (which probably won't be treatable) - but they seem very confident it is stenosis so I am hoping for the best right now.

Thanks all

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Re : UPDATE: Going back into hospital...

Postby lisainnj » Wed Jan 14, 638635 6:43 pm

I had an MRI that showed renal stenosis - and when I went for the angiogram it turned out the stenosis was an artifact of the MRI.

It is so nice if one of us has something fixable - I hope this does it for you.

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Re : UPDATE: Going back into hospital...

Postby rebecca2 » Mon Jan 05, 638635 12:33 pm


I hope the procedure goes well and the doctors are able to *fix* something that might help decrease your chance of developing PE again. I'll be thinking of you. (((hugs)))

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Re : UPDATE: Going back into hospital...

Postby leeann34 » Fri Jan 02, 638635 9:28 pm

Hi Jules,
I had a renal ultrasound in the hospital, but they said it was okay. They couldn't find a cause for my preeclampsia, which is frustrating. At least they may have found your problem and can treat it accordingly. Do stay positive! My prayers will be with you. Please do keep us updated. I will be sure to check back. Prayers and Hugs to you.

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Re : UPDATE: Going back into hospital...

Postby kara » Wed Dec 24, 638634 6:27 am

From what little I know about kidney issues, any decrease in their function can be a risk factor for preeclampsia. We will be thinking about you and hope that they can increase your kidney function.

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Re : UPDATE: Going back into hospital...

Postby brockner1 » Wed Dec 24, 638634 4:20 am

Good Luck! You'll be in my thoughts.

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UPDATE: Going back into hospital...

Postby jules2 » Wed Dec 24, 638634 1:40 am


I'm out now and back home... it all went very smoothly and the angiogram was normal, I don't appear to have renal artery stenosis. I'm trying to tell myself that's a good thing, but I know I have one small kidney, and kidney function that is only 60% of normal, and I now have no explanation for this. I might have just been born like that I guess, or have some other type of renal disease.

Its probably not going to be a treatable problem realistically, they will just monitor regularly for the rest of my life.

And is not clear whether this caused my early onset pre-eclampsia anyway. Its not a good thing of course, but I've been told the overwhelming majority of women with relatively mildly reduced kidney function like mine do not have pregnancy problems, or if they do its pre-eclampsia at term. My docs tell me that in no way do they think its enough to explain fulminating early onset PE and HELLP.

I'm not that surprised but its still an anti-climax, I feel like I've been through an awful lot but I still have to just try to accept there are no real answers for what happened to my daughter and I, and that is just incredibly hard still ....

Hugs to everyone, I know you are probably feeling something similar xx


I'm going back into hospital in a week for a renal angiogram - my consultant reckons they have identified renal artery stenosis in my right kidney which might be treatable. Its taken a while to get this far because I have totally normal blood pressure, and don't spill protein at all (when not pregnant, of course) but my kidney function is only around 60% of normal.

Its been desperately hard to stay positive recently, especially with miscarriage after stillbirth, but I'm hoping of course that they can improve things a bit for me and help when I decide to TTC again.

Please wish me luck, you have all been so supportive, and I'll let you know how it goes

I am wondering of course if anyone else around here has had this diagnosed as a possible underlying cause of PE?

Best wishes


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