prenatal care not good enough

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Re : prenatal care not good enough

Postby missgamecock » Thu Jun 06, 638920 7:12 pm

I'm very sorry for the loss of your precious baby. I know when I was pregnant with my first, even though I was in Belgium I still saw an OB DR. She totally did not take my care seriously. I warned them that my mother had had pe. She didn't look for it and blew off all the symptoms. It took the military drs jumping up and down about it. I ended up getting severe pe and nearly died. I ended up in the ICU room on L&D. I stayed there for 4 days. Fortunately it was just me that was affected and not Kirsten. I stayed in the hospital for 10 days. When I did get really really sick, my ob went on vacation. Yep admitted me and dumped me into the care of those on call. I spent a lot of years being angry about that. Honestly, now that I think about it, I think I got the best care I could after I was dumped onto the oncall drs hands. God knows what would have happened if she had stayed on my case since she was not taking me seriously.

Even after that. When I went to my first ob appt with Sara (my second) when we were back in the US, my practice if you are new sets you up with a midwife. Can you believe she marked me low risk? Even with a history of severe pe and premature delivery? My second appt at 9 weeks, I saw a different midwife in the practice. She immediately said we can't see you, you must see the dr only and passed me off to him. I was kind of upset when she refused to even touch me. However, best decision EVER. She even walked me up to the appt counter and told them I was to only see my ob. Ever since then (almost 6 years now), I only see my ob. I do not and will not see the midwives. They are nice and I have nothing against them, but I am a high risk patient. Even not pregnant, I have gyn issues. So I only see my ob. He takes me VERY seriously. When I got pregnant with Cate and made my first appt, no midwife appt. I was immediately set up with my ob PERIOD.

I know you are in the UK and things are a bit different. I would really really really push to get into a dr. I know they have peris. Fiona can explain it better than I can. I do know in Belgium the Chief of OB and perinatology were consulted and the Chief of OB was actually called in for my case according to the medical records.

I just think it really depends on the drs and midwives. My sister when she was pregnant told her ob about me and severe pe and our mom. Her dr watched her like a hawk. She didn't get it and went 5 days overdue. For most drs (especially midwives), will never see a severe case of pe that needs immediate delivery. Less than 6-8% of pregnancies are affected by pe. Only about 1% of that 6-8% are severe.

I'm sorry you had to find your way here. You will find a bunch of great women that will support you!

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Re : prenatal care not good enough

Postby l412angel » Thu Jun 06, 638920 6:37 pm

So sorry to hear about your son! I lost my daughter when I was 31 weeks due to poor doctors care as well (I even went in with concerns that I had preeclampsia had 1+ in my urine and high bp and they sent me home...not even 2 weeks later I gave birth )

I believe that we all feel your pain and agree and wish we were watched more closely.

Sorry you had to find us :( But glad you did!

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prenatal care not good enough

Postby babyalfie22.12.09 » Thu Jun 06, 638920 1:07 pm

Hi there im new on here. I Gave birth to my beautiful son Alfie-James 0n 22nd dec 09 he was born sleeping due to preeclampsia. i was 34 weeks pregnant. I did everything right throughout my whole pregnancy i watched what i eat, went to all my prenatal app. I always told my m/w if i had any worries about anything. I informed my m/w at my very first prenatal app (9 weeks) that preeclampsia was in my family my mum had severe preelampsia with my brother. So when i was told my son had died to preeclampsia i was very very shocked. I was told all my bp readings at all my prenatal app were fine i did have a trace of protine in my urine but she assured me it was a urine infection i had. over the weekend starting the 19th dec 09 i did feel a little under the weather i was still feeling Alfie move but i had noticed he wasnt quite as active as he always has been. I did also mention at my 32 week prenatal app i had noticed less movement from him and she again assured me he was fine it was because he was getting alot bigger so there was less room for him to move inside me. Monday night 21st i was in alot of pain i knew i was in labour i just had this feeling as a mum. The pain got so bad my other half took me to hospital thats when our worlds fell apart they couldn't find little Alfie-James's heartbeat, they then did a ultrasound and confimed he had died my heart sank i couldn't believe what i was hearing. They then took my bp reading and it ws 155/150 so very high. I had to give birth to my son naturally very hard.. Then told me i had preeclampsia. Me and my partner and ourt familes feel so angry as we feel i was not looked after properly throughout my pregnancy. Why when women are pregnant do we give them all our history in our preg notes about any family health problems if they take no notice. I should have had extra scans app etc.... seeing as my mum nearly lost my brother and her own life. My brother survived 25 years ago my baby boy died 25 years on just shows the care is not good enough today. These midwifes should be doing more research on preeclampsia and other pregnancy related illnesses. Preeclampsia only occurs when pregnant they should be checking for this in pregnancies. If i had had closer app and more scans Alfie-James would have proberly been here today. Has anyone reading this been thru the same?? kimberley Alfie-James mummy 22.12.09 xx

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