Seriously?!?! How can people be so cruel??

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Re: Seriously?!?! How can people be so cruel??

Postby m » Mon Dec 13, 639255 11:25 am

This man obviously doesn't have a clue! What a jerk!! I feel sorry for his family. Unfortunately, there are people out there who place little or no value on the life of a baby. We know that our babies' lives are precious and important, no matter how short.
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Seriously?!?! How can people be so cruel??

Postby Aidensmommy212 » Mon Dec 13, 639255 11:05 am

Hi Ladies,
I wasn't sure where else to go to vent without getting the *head tilt* pity look from everybody. I figure that if anyone understands, it has to be you guys...

A couple months after I had Aiden, I got a tattoo on the back of my neck in his memory. I was never big on tattoos but I always said that I would only get one for something meaningful. The tattoo is of his footprints turned into a butterfly with his name under it. Most of the time I forget that it is even there, but when my hair is up or in a ponytail it is definitely noticeable to other people. I do not have an issue with people noticing it or even asking about does take me by surprise once in a while and I start to cry but I wouldn't consider it a bad thing. To tell the truth, I didn't get the tattoo so that I would always remember that he was here because he will never leave me, part of the reason I got the tattoo was so that other people would remember that he was here. I know that sounds a little crazy, but he was here and he was loved and I don't want anyone to forget that.

To make a long story short...I am a Trainer at work (not a fitness trainer, I train people for various jobs in my company). In my last training group, I had one of my Trainees ask me about my tattoo in front of the rest of the class. It caught me off guard a little but I briefly explained that I had a baby boy and that he passed away 10 days after he was born. Right after I said it, a man that I had in the class (who was obnoxious as it was) turned to the girl next to him and said "Yeah, my cousins had something like that happen to them a little while ago and they actually had a funeral for the baby! I mean really, a funeral for a BABY?! Why would anyone even do that? The baby wasn't around long enough to even have a life....just bury it and forget about it."

I have NEVER been hurt by such an insensitive comment in my actually felt like I was physically punched in the stomach! My eyes started welling up with tears right away and I had to run out of the room so as not to fire him on the spot or punch him in the face. Seriously, what is wrong with people? I know that some people don't have a filter but COME ON! I went outside with my best friend at work (who happened to be his boss once he was done with training) and screamed and cried for a few minutes and then she went back inside and ripped him a new one. He didn't speak the rest of the day and then he was done with training so at least I don't have to deal with him anymore; however, whenever I see him in the building I have an insane urge to punch him in the stomach!

I am not only hurt and saddened that anyone could even have that opinion, but that there are people out there who would share it with someone who just lost a baby! I am very sorry if any of this upset any of you reading it, I just needed to vent to someone that would understand! Thanks for listening!
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