Lost my sister. Lost without my sister.

A place for those bereaved to receive and offer support
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Re: Lost my sister. Lost without my sister.

Postby caryn » Wed Jan 01, 639564 2:37 am

I am so very sorry. And you are not alone.

We have stopped telling the story where the children are raised by the ugly stepmother because the mother died in childbirth. I'm not sure why we stopped telling it.

Please ask any questions here - we will grieve with you.
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Lost my sister. Lost without my sister.

Postby Norinda » Wed Jan 01, 639564 2:23 am

Hi. First post here. I'm not really sure what I hope to get out of joining this forum. I guess just a better understanding of how common eclampsia is, and maybe a place for emotional support.

My little sister died last week after suddenly developing eclampsia. She had only six weeks until her due date. When she presented with high blood pressure, then started seizing, they delivered the baby via c. My sister returned from delivery on a ventilator, and never woke up. She developed HELLP syndrome and everything just started failing. They tried dialysis, and revived her once when she stopped breathing. Eventually, they did a cat scan and said there was nothing else to do for her.

The baby stayed in the NICU this week, but is coming home tomorrow with daddy. Thankfully, she is healthy and thriving. I usually live far away, but I am here now to help him until he has a routine and also time to grieve.

My sister and I were really close. We are going to figure this out, her husband and me, but it breaks my heart that she never got to hold her daughter. It was her first baby, and she was so excited. My sister was only thirty, and had just finished her college degree twelve days prior. I guess everyone in my family is having a hard time understanding how everything went so wrong, and so quickly. Is that common? I mean, i know there are no absolutes in medicine, and my sister had some risk factors like PCOS and obesity, but i guess you never expect anyone to die in childbirth in 2012, you know?

I'll keep reading around this site for information in general, but I have been so busy this week getting their nursery set up and planning the funeral. Everything seems so wrong, even though I am overjoyed at my new niece. She looks a lot like her mama. I see a lot of stories here about people who lost a child to preeclampsia. Anyone else grieving for a sibling, or a wife?

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