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Re: In Memoriam

Postby calebandabbysmom » Mon Apr 09, 639579 6:53 am

Our angel was 30 days and 4 hours when she grew her wings. She had to be born into the world at 25 weeks because I had eclampsia and it was the only way to save both of us. She was also IUGR weighing 1 lb 2 oz at birth. She passed at 3:51 am on May 23, 2010 due to premature complications. We love and miss her everyday!
Caleb born 34 weeks 4 lbs 1 oz due to beginning stages of preeclampsia now 5 years old with a few medical issues
Abigail born at 26 weeks 1lb 2 oz due to eclampsia seizure and was with us for 30 days and is now our angel princess.
Madeline born 34 weeks 3 lbs 14 oz due to decreased fetal movement because of IUGR (never officially diagnosed with preeclampsia with her but had all the symptoms)

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Re: In Memoriam

Postby oreooverlord » Mon Apr 09, 639579 6:40 am

In Memory of:

our unnamed Little Angel
left this world to join our Heavenly Father on Jan 17, 2012
Angel was 10 weeks gestation

miscarriage after Pre-e and HELLP with 1st child in 2008

Our Angel is forever in my heart

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Re: In Memoriam

Postby Nanay11 » Fri Apr 13, 639573 10:22 pm

In memory of my son Angel. Lost him 08/12/12 at 22 1/2 weeks severe Pre-em. He was 13 oz 9 3/4 inches.

He was too young to survive and I had to make the difficult decision of loosing him while dr saved my life. I'm greatful that I survived for my oldest who is 3 1/2 yrs old but very heart broken that I had to loose my Angel in the process. We named him Angel because it's who he was born to be. He is now our very special angel looking after us from heaven. Roughest year of our life. Loosing 5 other family member and Angel being the 6th hopefully God is done taking from us for a very long long time.

My dearest Angel, though you're not here with us on earth mommy daddy and big brother loves you very much. If you're with your Nana in heaven I know she will take very good care of you until we see you again. Being able to hold your lil body for a few moment, being able to kiss your forehead and whispering to your ears that we loved you gives me some comfort. You will forever will be in our hearts. Always loved, never forgotten. Always look after us here on earth.

Always loving and thinking of you, Mommy
Kai - born 11/24/2008 a healthy 3 1/2 yr old was born two days prior to due date due to Pre em
Angel - 08/12/2012 born 22 1/2 weeks due to sever Pre e and HELLP. Forever remembered an loved.

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Re: In Memoriam

Postby smunyao » Tue Jan 09, 639573 1:35 am

In loving memory of my angel
George Munyao Ogola
b/d 7/31/12 9.36 AM
at 23 weeks 5 days due to pre-eclampsia
Mommy loves and misses you

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Re: In Memoriam

Postby bsherricca » Mon Nov 13, 639572 7:13 am

In loving memory:

Daniel Christopher Henry
died in utero @ 28 weeks on May 30th, 2012
IUGR severe PE

My darling son with a broken heart I knew the moment you left..with endless love your mommmy and daddy mourn you

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Re: In Memoriam

Postby babyjames » Thu Nov 02, 639572 6:28 pm


Stillborn July 10 2012
at 4:00am @ 26 weeks gestation
Weighing 515 grams
Taken by severe PE and IUGR

Mummy and Dadda loves you so much

You will be in hearts forever

Rest In Peace our sweet little boy..

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Re: In Memoriam

Postby wooleybear » Thu Jul 14, 639566 8:13 am

Soleil Sophia Wooley
born still on 5/23/12
at 10:08am
due to severe Pre E
2lbs 3oz
at 32 weeks

WE will never forget you :(
our little girl to Allison and Iyasu
WE love you so much

Daddy would say to you Awet N' hafash always
Mommy would have called you my little wooley cub

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Re: In Memoriam

Postby AJsMom » Thu Feb 14, 639557 7:13 am

Andrew Jeremiah Ford-
November 2, 2010- stillborn at 20 weeks gestation due to severe pre-eclampsia

Son, Mommy loves you more than life.

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Re: In Memoriam

Postby EM2AM2 » Sat Feb 02, 639557 2:18 pm

In Memory of:

Jackson Maxwell Sweeney
Born sleeping on November 23, 2011 due to CH, SPE (non-proteinuric) SPA.

You are our little angel and will always be remembered and loved.
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Earth mama to two and angel mama to one
Rebecca- NC
Jameson- PIH, PE induction 40 weeks
Jackson- CH, SPE(non-proteinuric), SPA at 33 weeks

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Re: In Memoriam

Postby inspire99 » Mon Nov 09, 639553 3:00 am

Kirsten and Domonique Lynch born sleeping January 2, 2012 at 23 wks due
severe preeclampsia.

Mommy and Daddy love and miss you girls so much and we look
forward to seeing you again some day. You are our angels.

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