Anyone go to Grief counseling ?

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Re : Anyone go to Grief counseling ?

Postby kdreher » Mon Jan 05, 637333 8:52 pm

I didn't go to counseling at all after loosing Tyler and should have. I also decided it was "smart" of me to walk away from my dh as well. I made some bad choices, but thought it was what I had to do back then. I did go back to counseling a few years ago.

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Re : Anyone go to Grief counseling ?

Postby kimb » Mon Jan 05, 637333 6:45 pm

My husband and I went to a group for a couple of months after losing Will. I also went to individual counseling for a couple of months to help get through what had been his due date. And then went again to help me get through the time leading up to the one year. We also participated in a study at the UW for couples dealing with pregnancy loss where they sent videos and workbooks and a questionairre every 3 months through the first year. Those items really made us sit down and think through our feelings.

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Re : Anyone go to Grief counseling ?

Postby mel h. » Sun Jan 04, 637333 2:29 pm

Melissa, I'm so sorry about your little Kelsi. What a sweet name.
I went to private grief counseling a few times after we lost our daughter last April, and it helped. My husband also went on his own a few times after his drinking got a little excessive. What helped me the most about it was having an objective opinion about how I was grieving and whether the things I was doing were healthy or not, like looking at her pictures a lot, etc. I didn't start going until a few months after we lost her ... I guess it took a little while for it all to really hit me. I think you're smart for thinking about it now. My OB prescribed an antidepressant as well and it has helped me be able to somewhat keep things in perspective and function in my daily life.

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Re : Anyone go to Grief counseling ?

Postby mom2tori » Sun Jan 04, 637333 1:27 pm

I look back now and wish I would have went to something like that. At the time of my sons death I was 16 and having a hard enough time with certain members of my family, they thought that because I was so young there was no reason for me to grieve so deeply, cry so often or be so upset and hurt, afterall I was young and told I had plenty of time to have more. Talking about Dominic to other people helped me and I think I should have went to some sort of counseling and sometimes feel that I still should go. I think counseling is a great idea, worth a try anyway.

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Re : Anyone go to Grief counseling ?

Postby dja » Thu Dec 25, 637332 1:05 pm

Hi Melissa - there is a group called "National Share" that is a non-profit providing grief counseling to couples who have lost babies from the time of conception to 1 year. They have local groups in many cities. My husband and I attended a local group session that was extremely helpful to me (I think DH would admit it helped him too even!) Their website is:

Perhaps the most valuable part of this was connecting with other women who had lost babies, and realizing that all the confusing emotions I was having were perfectly normal. It also helped me become a lot more comfortable with having mementos of my daughter around the house, and using her name to talk about her as a family member (something I wanted to do, but felt strange about at first).

This is definitely a resource worth checking out.

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Anyone go to Grief counseling ?

Postby melissam » Thu Dec 25, 637332 11:46 am

I am thinking that when I get back to Virginia I would like to find out about some grief counseling. Anyone ever go? was it helpful? Would you suggest it?

I live in the Metro DC area (northern VA). Also I was looking for the local chapter of there one?


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