I would like someone to talk to, pregnant with 2nd, had pre-eclampsia with 1st,

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Re: I would like someone to talk to, pregnant with 2nd, had pre-eclampsia with 1st,

Postby admin » Tue Aug 27, 641157 11:02 pm

So sorry that this wasn't responded to. Please let us know how you and your baby are doing!

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Re: I would like someone to talk to, pregnant with 2nd, had pre-eclampsia with 1st,

Postby chinthi.suranimala » Fri Jan 23, 641142 10:18 pm

Is this thread still active? Hope its going well.
I'm 40yrs, 26 weeks and diagnosed with it a few weeks ago. I'm a doctor by profession and I'm still so scared. We adopted a little boy last year since we gave up getting pregannt and this just happened.
Trying not to be stressed but it's so hard.

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Re: I would like someone to talk to, pregnant with 2nd, had pre-eclampsia with 1st,

Postby NonaAbrahams » Tue Nov 06, 640846 2:42 pm

Hi im 16 weeks pregnant with my 3rd. Had pre eclampsia with my 1st. Asymptomatic and baby was born by induction at 34 weeks. Hes a healthy 4 year old. I had no severe effects, and my current gynae is wondering why I was induced at 34 weeks. Its all very confusing.

I had a miscarriage at 6 weeks in December last year.

Im now 16 weeks pregnant with my 3rd. Im taking aspirin and calcium daily. Im hoping and praying for the best. Im under a close watchful eye of a gynea that works with high risk pregnancies. My bp so far has been stable.

I really am so worried about it rearing its ugly head and understand how you feel.

There are no reassurances but support makes the world of difference.

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Re: I would like someone to talk to, pregnant with 2nd, had pre-eclampsia with 1st,

Postby kateleighton » Wed May 09, 640840 3:55 am

Hi Vicky,

I completely understand your situation. I had severe HELLP Syndrome with my daughter (now almost 2). It went undiagnosed for a while so I was very unwell by the time they realised. She was delivered early via emergency caesarean. I'm currently in the first trimester of my second pregnancy and all I can think about it whether or not I'll get PE or HELLP again. My anxiety levels are through the roof! I'm absolutely paranoid that it will come back. And I don't feel like I can vent these feelings to anyone I know because theu wouldn't understand, which I think makes me feel even worse.

How's your pregnancy journey going now? Are you feeling more relaxed about things?

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Re: I would like someone to talk to, pregnant with 2nd, had pre-eclampsia with 1st,

Postby caryn » Thu Dec 24, 640837 6:18 am

I'm glad you've found us!

Later pregnancies are completely nerve-wracking - I stayed off the forum with my last, because I just couldn't talk. The good news is, no matter *what* they are likely to go better than your last one. That's not true for everyone, but it is true for most.

I totally used denial as a coping strategy. For my PE pregnancy, I was 30 with an incredibly healthy and low-stress lifestyle, and with my last normotensive pregnancy I was 42 and working a lot of hours and couldn't keep food down and had a houseguest for the last month of pregnancy and still had my water break at 39w with a bp of 100/60. It's so hard to say what will happen even when you do everything, or nothing, that I just tried to think about other things as much as possible.

It sounds like you're a chronic hypertensive, because your pressures are up enough to need meds? How are you feeling today?

Keep us posted. :)
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Re: I would like someone to talk to, pregnant with 2nd, had pre-eclampsia with 1st,

Postby Lew9109 » Thu Dec 24, 640837 12:14 am

Dear Vicky,

You are in the right place posting in the forum. I am here if you have any questions at all through your second pregnancy. Without even having to explain how you are feeling, I can totally relate to what you are feeling in your mind. I had a very scary first pregnancy experience. I had symptoms weeks prior to delivery that were not diagnosed. I then went on to deliver and Pre-e was in full force at that time which left me hospitalized for a month and a half after I delivered. It took me 9 months to recover from that pregnancy physically but a lot longer emotionally. When my husband and I (more me) was ready to try for a second, we interviewed a high risk team at a different hospital and began our care with them. They were much more in tune to knowing pre-e and that early signs of it. Prior to getting pregnant, we talked about a plan of the what if's and my anxiety going into it all for a second time. I had a lot of anxiety. We got pregnant a second time with ease, which brought us a lot of excitement but with that came so much fear and anxiety for me. Here are some things that I did throughout my second pregnancy that made me feel I had some sense of control over a situation you feel so vulnerable in.

1. Like I said my anxiety was very high. In addition to taking care of myself, I had my toddler to take care. I stopped work like you so that was a huge stressor that was eliminated. I was a staff nurse and being pregnant high risk and on my feet in a fast paced environment was not going to be in the best interest for my body. So I was a full time stay at home mom during my second pregnancy.

2. I started acupuncture a few weeks before I got pregnant and continued that every 2 weeks throughout my second pregnancy. I felt that it brought balance to my body. Helped with my blood pressure and allowed my body to be in a more calm state.

3. I ordered pregnancy meditation CD's through amazon. At night when my mind was more quiet or when my toddler was napping and the house was so quiet was when I found my fears more pronounced because the distraction of the day was not there to occupy my mind. So I would listen to these positive meditative CD's that would help keep my mind in positive thoughts.

4. I put affirmations on my bedroom mirror. I came across these cards in a specialty shop. They were just positive verbiages about self reflection, love, and peace. It helped keep my thoughts positive.

5. My husband was a huge support system. Despite his love and comfort throughout the entire pregnancy, I felt immense comfort confiding in women that had gone through what I was going through. Even though each pregnancy is individual, talking with other women that had positive outcomes made me believe that I could too. What was going to happen was going to happen but no one could change how I thought. So, I just kept believing and visualizing holding my baby girl and rocking her in her nursery.

6. I checked my blood pressure daily. I had a self monitoring machine at home. Some say check only a few times a week but to be honest I felt like I could not function not checking it. I was so anxious about my blood pressure elevating that I journaled it through my pregnancy. Starting before I got pregnant until 6 weeks postpartum. After 6 weeks, I would check a few times weekly. It actually helped my Ob's because I started to trend up into my third trimester and delivered 2 weeks early.

7. I was put on baby aspirin by my high risk OB and was taken off at 37 weeks.

8. I was monitored much more closely with bloodwork, 24 hour urines, and non stress tests. Knowing that I was watched more closely, made me feel better.

9. I walked everyday. Slow pace. On our at home treadmill.

10. I ate clean and followed a meal plan that was more whole foods and no processed foods.

11. I told my loved ones around me to stay positive and not keep re-discussing my first pregnancy story. I was trying to not go there because it was already so in my mind and I didn't want to keep going over it, since my fear was already there. Our family was so supportive on keeping things positive! That helped!

12. My OB understanding my emotions and fears. When I would go in for my visits, she would always take a few moments to just listen to my worries. Her turning to me and saying " I will not let you die and I will not let you have a stroke. You are in great hands". Brought me so much relief!

Hope some of this helps! I am here for you if you need anything or have any questions along the way!
The best advice that I have is to use your voice. You know your body better than anyone. If something doesn't feel right, call and ask the OB. Don't feel like it's something so little to call about or that you don't want to bother anyone. Trust your body and yourself. You know you BEST!!!

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Re: I would like someone to talk to, pregnant with 2nd, had pre-eclampsia with 1st,

Postby kiran.bambrah » Sun Nov 29, 640837 3:08 am

Hi dear!! My story is similar to yours. Had pre eclampsia which developed to hello syndrome in 1st preg and son was born at 28 weeks. He is 5 yrs now. Pregnant again. Am 27 weeks pregnant now. Wana knw abt other success stories to ease my mind

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I would like someone to talk to, pregnant with 2nd, had pre-eclampsia with 1st,

Postby vickyhill » Wed Jun 10, 640837 3:00 pm

Hi everyone,

I would like someone to talk to through my second pregnancy. I am currently 14 weeks pregnant. I am sort of quietly panicking to myself over symptoms, I am trying to stay realistic and aware. My first pregnancy really was not normal course of events and on the whole, I feel so much better in myself. I am lacking the knowledge of what happens in a more normal pregnancy, if there is such a thing?

My first pregnancy, I had early on set pre-eclampsia and my daughter was born at 25 weeks. She is now 4 years old and doing very well.

Big differences are I'm not working, I'm on high blood pressure medication and partner and I are not travelling to each other. (4 hours).

Unfortunately we don't have many friends around us and I would very appreciate if someone could befriend me. Thank you for reading.

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