We have a due date

Are you pregnant again after having preeclampsia once already in a previous pregnancy? Post your thoughts/concerns here - there are others who share your feelings. This is also the home of our Bedrest Buddies Support group.
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Re : We have a due date

Postby mommajo » Fri Jun 06, 637681 8:17 am

Holly and Anne covered most of the details pretty good. I had an emergency c-section. After delivery he was in the room with me for a few minutes and they brought him to me but I couldn't hold him. Then they took him to the nursery to do all the APGAR testing and stuff. I had my husband go with the baby. I breastfed him for the first time after getting back to my room after being put back together and stapled up. I had an epidural which isn't suppossed to interfere with breastfeeding. The most surprising thing to me for the recovery is that you cannot drive for about a month after the delivery. I was unprepared for that since I had an emergency c-section and there were so many follow-up doctor appointments the first couple weeks home for me and the baby. He was a bit small so I had to take him in a lot to the lactation center and to the pediatrician to ensure he was getting enough breast milk and growing. My hubby had to work so I had to get a friend to drive me around. Good luck to you!

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Re : We have a due date

Postby annegarrett » Fri Jun 06, 637681 5:32 am


Had a c-section twice and "natural" twice, so think I can offer some perspective. My first c-section was an emergency. It was not good--not the c-section part, the emergency part. My 2nd c-section was planned for 36 weeks. I had an amniocentesis just prior to make sure the baby's lungs were ready (they were). The c-section was scheduled for early in the morning and I was prepped and ready to go but then a women losing triplets came in so I had to be kept hooked up and ready to go a bit longer. That can happen so if it does--it can "feed" the anxiety of waiting, particularly if the woman who bumps you is in for a trauma. Having your partner there, or the tv on or family or a good friend can help keep you distracted and sooth your anxiety. Choose someone who truly supports you--not someone who will tell you to grow up and stop being so anxious. :)

The c-section itself was not so bad. I was awake (numb from the waist down). I was at a teaching hospital so the whole procedure was essentially narrated. The doctors talked to me (which was surreal) and offered me a mirror so I could watch the operation. I am pretty tough but frankly not that tough. The delivery was very quick--the longest part was the sewing me back up. You feel a little tugging as they do this but it isn't painful.

Afterwards, you will be sore so they give you meds for that, though my docs tried to keep those to a minimum. They put in a catheter (prior to the surgery) so afterwards they will leave that in a bit and come in and take it out. Not really painful but a bit uncomfortable. Within 24 hours you will be made to try to walk to the bathroom. The nurses will help you learn to roll over and then using your arms push yourself into a sitting position. You will get good at this. Shifting around and nursing the baby is tricky but you will be fine and the nurses are there all the time. Most people get about three days in the hospital--be sure to take it and to have support at home when you come home.

I have to say my planned c-section at 36 weeks was fairly easy to recover from. The trauma of the emergency c-section (and the reason I had the trauma) at 38 weeks--took far longer and was really tough. I think you're smart going with the planned c-section at 36 weeks.

Take care of yourself and let us know how you do!

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Re : We have a due date

Postby mommy1st » Fri Jun 06, 637681 12:49 am

I had a c-section with my son. I had him at 33 weeks with severe PE. They pulled my son out within 5-10 minutes. So it really dosn't take that long. I breastfeed for 6 weeks and the medicine didn't affect my son. I did though pump the first couple of days because he was in the NICU and was getting it from a feeding tube. Also, when they delievered my son they put him up close to me for a good 5 minutes and let me kiss him and talk to him. They told me they did this so he knew my smell and such. I wasn't expecting them to do that because he was born so early and thought they would rush him off to the NICU. I thought I recovered really well my friends and family were surprised how quickly I recovered. I was up and walking around the next day!! It didn't hurt me to walk around but then again I handle pain VERY WELL. I hope this helps you out a little. Best of luck to you and keep us posted.

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Re : We have a due date

Postby sonja » Fri Jun 06, 637681 12:12 am

I did not have a C section, so I can't answer most of your questions - good luck to you and enjoy holding your little on for Thanksgiving.


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We have a due date

Postby khailibowen » Thu Jun 05, 637681 7:32 am

I'm not really sure where to post this so I'll just put it here. I am 35 weeks today and have been dredging along with chronic hypertension. My OB and MFM have decided to take the baby next Tuesday (Nov 21) when I am 36 weeks. This I hear is a standard time as long as things are going "normal" enough so as not to endure an emergency procedure.

The baby is breech, he won't turn for anything and this bugs the begebbers out of me. This means I will have to have a c/s and I am trying to determine what to expect. I have read all about it online but would like some "real life" experiences as well.

Such things like: how long does it usually take? I want to breastfeed as soon as possible, can this happen during recovery or must I wait? What about anestetic drugs, are there drugs that they will shoot me up with that the baby can't handle, thsi would effect nursing as well.

The whole thing is very scary and I just don't know what to expect. My DH can not be there so I have a doula who will support me throughout the procedure. I will also be having her attend to the baby if they need to wisk him away, though at 36 weeks, hopefully that won't be an issue. He is small though, so I'm trying to prepare myself for anything. My first son was rushed out 10 seconds after delivery and we were all stunned, I want to be mentally prepared this time if anything were to happen.

I have been on bedrest for chronic hypertension since 28 weeks, so I am ready for this baby, but now that it is almost upon us I am totally frightened of what to expect. It is weird "picking" a due date, these things are supposed to be natural, it seems so unnatural to say "hey lets have him on this date" but at the same time, we aren't doing so well and I am just hanging on not really knowing from one appointment to the next (every 3 days) if I'll end up back in postpartum, so I am ready to have him out, at least I thought I was ready.

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