Docter appt question

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Re : Docter appt question

Postby amym » Mon Aug 07, 637684 9:14 pm

I only go to my OB monthly, and I doubt this will change unless something starts to go wrong -- i.e., BP up at an appt., symptoms of PE, etc. I think at 30 weeks I start going every other week, then every week after 35 or 36 weeks.

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Re : Docter appt question

Postby ladyteancum » Sun Aug 06, 637684 10:55 pm

Thanks guys. I think that I am a worrier by nature and with all that went wrong with my first pregnancy, I worry more than I should! I'll be glad when I a have my baby girl, healthy and happy, in my arms.

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Re : Docter appt question

Postby hutced » Sun Aug 06, 637684 7:28 am

I am seeing my ob every month and in between his visits I see a peri, so every 2 weeks I see someone, but, I have chronic htn which probably has something to do with it.

kelly w
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Re : Docter appt question

Postby kelly w » Thu Jul 27, 637684 7:30 am

I saw my OB and maternal-fetal docs once monthly till 28 weeks, then at 30 weeks and now at 32 weeks they have me coming in twice a week.

I don't think monthly appts up until close to the third trimester is out of the ordinary, as long as you don't notice anything bad going on.


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Re : Docter appt question

Postby christie » Wed Jul 26, 637684 11:15 pm

My daughter Eden was so timid even in the womb. It was if everytime she poked me, she would say, "oops! I'm sorry!" She is truly the same personality at 14 months as in the womb - cautious and careful at first but a ham once she warms up.

So, if boys are LESS active than girls - I can't imagine any baby being less active in the womb than Eden was! I think it's a boy this time and I think he'll be MORE active. I think it depends more on the personality of the child (strong-willed or cautious).

Has anyone had their baby be a different personality after birth than in utero? Or is their in-utero personality a good indicator of their disposition once in the world?

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Re : Docter appt question

Postby mommajo » Wed Jul 26, 637684 9:42 pm

I am 20 weeks and my first was born at 36 weeks also. I see the doctor monthly and I too had been a little concerned that maybe I am not getting all the attention that I should. Reading Catherine's post and the others makes me feel better. I am monitoring myself and right now I am not showing any signs of PE. My BP today was 123/75 which I love because I have chronic high BP and its usually closer to the 140/90 mark. Love that 2nd trimester dip!

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Re : Docter appt question

Postby bhesseling » Wed Jul 26, 637684 9:05 pm

I had my 1st appt w/ the peri on Mon and was told I would be going every 4wk 'til about 25wk. At that point, he said every 1-2wk. I was a little surprised but I feel comfortable w/ it.

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Re : Docter appt question

Postby mommy1st » Wed Jul 26, 637684 10:45 am

I am still TTC #2 so I wouldn't know but I wanted to say that when I was pregnant with my son he was pretty active but I have heard that girls are a lot MORE active than boys. I just remember my son's toes getting caught in my ribs, that was never fun!!!

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Re : Docter appt question

Postby ileana » Wed Jul 26, 637684 9:20 am

It was the same for me, I saw them every month until 28w, then 30w, then twice a week after 32w. I had chronic hypertension, but no other issue.

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Re : Docter appt question

Postby catherine » Wed Jul 26, 637684 9:10 am

I wouldn't say that is particularly abnormal. I didn't get preeclampsia until I was 36 weeks pregnant and I noticed that my medical folks didn't become very in my face with monitoring until I got close to that date in the subsequent pregnancy. Bear in mind though that I was having a problem-free pregnancy with no warning signs of anything being amiss. Once or twice around 34 weeks I frightened myself, called the office, and was immediately yanked in for the full court press. Each pregnancy is truly different, but if all the signs are good, then you won't be hounded for monitoring etc. anywhere near as much as folks who are showing troubling signs like fluctuating BPs etc. My OB had outlined possible courses of action depending on conditions early on in the pregnancy, but as things progressed and it was obvious that they were not required, we didn't go over it all as much. I did get way more frequent blood draws than most folks towards the end of the pregnancy, pretty much every visit I think.

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