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Re : 37 week appt.

Posted: Fri Jan 14, 638287 11:52 am
by mommy1st
oh Heather this is so exciting, go out and celebrate it...Full term baby!!!!
March 3rd is on Monday, oh my gosh I can't believe your little man will be here so soon!! Woo-hoo!!! I just have to say how fun it's been to be along with you through your pregnancy and how awesome it is that you pretty much have made it PE free!!!!

Congrats on making it to full term again:)))

Re : 37 week appt.

Posted: Fri Jan 14, 638287 9:22 am
by mkvh
WEEEEHOOOOO HEATHER! So excited for you. Sorry 'bout the icky BP, but I too had those fluky ones at the end, and nothing went wrong. Just a few more days!!

Re : 37 week appt.

Posted: Sun Nov 28, 638286 6:57 am
by celticepona
That's fantastic news! Ultimately you are over the hump and it's only a matter of time now. :)

Re : 37 week appt.

Posted: Sun Nov 28, 638286 1:45 am
by adgirl
So excited for you making it to 37 weeks! I do know that I've had quite a few friends who had slightly elevated BP toward the end and nothing came of it, so that can happen.

I also know that my problems didn't really start until 37 weeks with BP of 130/90, no protein. (I had had protein at week 35 and 36 though with low BP) We induced at 38 weeks due to BP at 156/94-no protein. Then I had severe hypertension POST pregnancy.

So, as excited as I am for you to be this far along with no symptoms, PLEASE don't stop paying attention to your BP/symptoms all the way past delivery. (I know you'll do this anyway, but I felt I had to throw the reminder out there!)

Re : 37 week appt.

Posted: Sat Nov 27, 638286 7:55 pm
by sonja
Either way you will have a baby soon!! Rest up.

Re : 37 week appt.

Posted: Sat Nov 27, 638286 5:00 pm
by mom2tori
You go girl!!! Things are going so well for you, congrats on making it this far. No rock!

Re : 37 week appt.

Posted: Sat Nov 27, 638286 4:55 pm
by michelle_chandler
Heather congrats on making it to 37're on the home stretch!

Take care of you, Michelle

37 week appt.

Posted: Sat Nov 27, 638286 2:32 pm
by heather100
Well, BP was highest it's been at the doc's office (134/84). OB says if it is high at the next appt (my last) on Tuesday, we will do the c-section next week. I'll be 38 weeks on Tuesday so I know all will be fine. But... I have a feeling my BP will be fine by then. One hour after my appt, I got a reading of 107/71. Craziness, I tell ya. It fluctuates so much.

I have to call in if it gets to 140/90 at home but so far, it's averaging 120/80.

Oh, and my swellling has actually gone down from last week. I lost one pound and protein was negative.

I really do not think I have pre-e at all and OB agrees but he's playing it safely. I still have a feeling I'll make it all the way to March 3rd. I know it sounds silly but I'd rather get to my final day. I guess then I feel like I really succeeded.

I just keep wondering if it's very normal to have slightly elevated BP this close to the end. It seems so popular.