Are you pregnant again after having preeclampsia once already in a previous pregnancy? Post your thoughts/concerns here - there are others who share your feelings. This is also the home of our Bedrest Buddies Support group.
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Re : Anemic

Postby staceynw » Fri Jul 26, 638289 7:33 pm

Anemia is definately common in pregnancy. As for myself, I started out anemic prior to pregnancy. I had blood loss with my daughter's birth and never got up to normal prior to getting pregnant again. Now I struggle bigtime with anemia and it's affects. I also have malabsorption issues, so the 2x daily iron supplement just isn't cutting it. Now that I am entering third trimester, they've decided that on my next lab work that if the count hasn't gone up that they will give me intravenous iron dextran or iron sucrose to supplement, but that means a whole day stay in the hospital because it has to be given under close supervision.

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Re : Anemic

Postby patty » Tue Jul 16, 638289 5:30 pm

I was anemic the beginning of this pregancy but ahve been on iron since the 1st trimester and it is better now. I haven't had it before when I've been pregant but I have had it postpartum after my C-sections. I know how tired it can make you. I think anemia is really common. I hope you get your levels up before you deliver.

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Re : Anemic

Postby katevans » Tue Jul 16, 638289 4:00 pm

I had anemia issues with my first pregnancy. I would take two iron supplements daily. After my emergency c/s I had an Infed infusion that is usually given to chemo patients instead of a blood transfusion. I think I was probably an extreme case though. Good luck and I hope your counts come up.

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Re : Anemic

Postby jenndola » Tue Jul 16, 638289 12:30 pm

I believe anemia is common in the 3rd trimester because that's when your blood volume is at its highest--up to 40 to 50% higher than your normal, non-pregnant blood volume. With that much extra blood, you need extra iron (which is why a lot of OBs will regularly check iron levels).

As far as I know, anemia hasn't been linked to any further difficulties as long as it's treated. You should be fine with taking your iron supplement (other than the lovely constipation, which is what happened when I was put on iron). Erring on the side of TMI here, you might want to consider adding a stool softener if you start to head in that direction. I know, lovely advice. But iron can pull a real number on your intestines!

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Postby mom2chloe » Tue Jul 16, 638289 4:22 am

I wasn't anemic in the first one but now my values are really low. Started Iron 2X a day, it seems that I have a pharmacy to carry around now.

I read that anemia is pretty common in the 3rd tri.
Anyone have any issues with anemia in prior pregnancies? Is this any indication that more is to come?

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