Alexander Robert born Sat. June15!!

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Re : Alexander Robert born Sat. June15!!

Postby jknutsen » Fri Jun 16, 638299 2:29 pm

Congrats & God bless....sending lots of prayers your way!

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Re : Alexander Robert born Sat. June15!!

Postby lucy » Sun Jun 04, 638299 10:23 pm

Congratualtions hope your little man is home soon your in my thoughts hang in there

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Re : Alexander Robert born Sat. June15!!

Postby azwiebel » Sun Jun 04, 638299 2:17 pm

Congratulations and my thoughts are with you.

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Re : Alexander Robert born Sat. June15!!

Postby onesock » Sun Jun 04, 638299 2:03 pm

Congratulations to you and your new little man. Many prayers coming your way for a speedy recovery and short, boring NICU stay :)

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Re : Alexander Robert born Sat. June15!!

Postby hvsmith » Sun Jun 04, 638299 6:24 am

Wow... what an experience! Glad you and Alex came out of this relatively unscathed. Many positive thoughts coming your way for both you and your special little boy.

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Re : Alexander Robert born Sat. June15!!

Postby laura » Sat Jun 03, 638299 11:01 am

Omg- another Alexander Robert, born on the very day *MY* Alexander was supposed to be born? Well, I can tell you that name is for feeders and growers, and I hope to all that's holy that your little Alex becomes a big one like mine soon. Lots of love and healing hugs.

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Re : Alexander Robert born Sat. June15!!

Postby sonnet15 » Sat Jun 03, 638299 10:28 am

Ok.... now that I'm finally sort of settled...

Alex is on oxygen now, as was pretty much expected-- 27%, but low bpm, and really, he's doing fabulous overall. He's got a bit of jaundice, so he's doing the tanning bit. It's funny how he's showing his personality already- it's a bit of relief, to see that he's different from his brother. Not saying that Jack wasn't wonderful and a good grower, but.. it's just nice to see. I'm not sure how else to put that, I gues part of me was a little afraid that he would just turn into " my other 27 weeker" but it's nothing like that.

As for myself, I got checked into the hospital Friday night, and it was decided overnight that I had to have the baby. We got transported to a hospital that would have room for both of us on Saturday, and then played the waiting game for awhile. Most of the wait seemed to be on my labs- My liver enzymes were all over the place, my platelets non existent... The options kept closing- no general anasthetic because they coudln't fit an air tube in my throat with the preeclamptic swelling, no epidural because my platelets were so low there was too high a risk of bleeding. They gave me what they called a "one shot," and then when things got worse they gaveme what I called the "magic carpet ride" drugs... I wasn't too aware after I got those, and I more or less was conscious before those drugs and when those wore off. Now I'm in the maternity ward, off oxygen, off IV and mag, and trying to just take one step at a time towards healing. Whew... and that's where it all stands atm.

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Re : Alexander Robert born Sat. June15!!

Postby wrennie » Thu May 25, 638299 9:40 am

Wishing you a quick recovery and for Alex to grow quickly! Congrats!

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Re : Alexander Robert born Sat. June15!!

Postby amiejo » Thu May 25, 638299 6:20 am

Welcome to the world Alex. Prayers for both you and your mommy!

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Re : Alexander Robert born Sat. June15!!

Postby pld0804 » Thu May 25, 638299 4:15 am

Congratulations Sonnet and welcome Alex! I'm glad your little guy is doing well.

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