Struggling this week with bedrest!

Are you pregnant again after having preeclampsia once already in a previous pregnancy? Post your thoughts/concerns here - there are others who share your feelings. This is also the home of our Bedrest Buddies Support group.
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Re : Struggling this week with bedrest!

Postby fiona » Wed Oct 15, 638302 3:23 am

Colleen, bedrest sucks, big time. But look at it this way: you get to lie back and tell veryone else what to do. They have to do it the way you want it, because you're pregnant and that makes you the MOST IMPORTANT PERSON there.

Congratulations on a brand new house to bring your brand new baby home to!

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Re : Struggling this week with bedrest!

Postby panguitch02 » Wed Oct 15, 638302 1:24 am

You are soooo close to having a term baby!!!! Focus all your energy on growing that baby and staying healthy yourself. I know right now it feels so boring, but in a few weeks you will be the one painting, hanging picture...not to mention taking care of a new baby. Bedrest will soon become a distant memory.

Hang in there and take care!!!!

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Re : Struggling this week with bedrest!

Postby canserb3 » Wed Oct 15, 638302 1:20 am

Don't get me wrong.....I realize I am doing everything for my little girl, and would again in a heart beat. I am more having problems with the lack of control with regards to the move.

It is funny because this is the third July in a row I have moved. I moved from Canada to Pittsburgh (to marry my husband!) in 2006, Pittsburgh to Metro Washington DC (into a rental) in 2007, found our forever (or at least until we win millions and build our mansion!) home to build and am doing the move this week.

I am just happy that the house finished before the pregnancy did. I am going to continue to behave. I am estatic I have made it to term and hope that I can make it to August. I knew that this would be a difficult week for me but didn't expect the emotion/anxiety that I am feeling.

Thanks for the supportive comments. I mostly just needed to vent and truly felt better for it!

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Re : Struggling this week with bedrest!

Postby jeansmommy » Tue Oct 14, 638302 7:04 pm

I totally know how you feel. I've been on strict bedrest since 29 weeks (I'm now going to be 36 weeks tomorrow). I hate not being able to do anything, it is incredibly frustrating. I also have two kids at home, 4 and 7, and my 4-year-old daughter doesn't really get why mommy can't play with her and lies in bed all day (or on the couch). I will admit though, during this past weekend, I did "cheat" and went to Target and to lunch with my family. My BP actually cooperated a bit and didn't go too out of control, but I was a good girl the rest of the weekend and since. I just HAD to get out and be PRODUCTIVE!

But hang in there. I'm counting down the days until my Csection on the 31st (8 days!) and this part of my life will be over!

As my husband keeps reminding me, it WILL end at some point.

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Re : Struggling this week with bedrest!

Postby jen44 » Tue Oct 14, 638302 6:52 pm

I spent quite a few weeks on bedrest and know just how you are feeling. It's very difficult. I would say the one thing that I reminded myself with that made things a little easier was that I was fulfilling a very important job just keeping the baby inside of me as each 1 day in my body equaled 3 days in the NICU. So every day I could keep that baby inside was a milestone. We made it all the way to 36 weeks and once the baby comes and you go home together all of these very hard long days will be a blur and you will only know that little one was worth every painstaking minute of stillness. And its nice you've got so much support to help with the big jobs - I'm sure your family is happy to be able to help in some way. Good luck!

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Struggling this week with bedrest!

Postby canserb3 » Tue Oct 14, 638302 3:53 pm

I am 36+5 weeks with chronic hypertension. My protein numbers have been good so far. I've been on modified bedrest since the end of April and strict bedrest for a month.

So yesterday, my husband and I closed on our new house! My mom is painting the nursery (most important job!). My DH, BIL and father are moving boxes and small stuff today. Tomorrow the movers are doing the big stuff.

I am feeling so useless as my brain wants to do so much but the minute I do barely anything (get up to deal with the appliance delivery) I feel it. My BP was elevated last night and this morning but I have been behaving this morning and my BP has responded.

I am just very frustrated. I have been handling the bedrest well up to this point. Unfortunately, I am a type A personality and not being able to do this move on my terms is close to sending me to the loony bin.

That is all.....Just really wanted to put it into words to people that may have been in this situation before....thanks for listening.

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