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Posted: Thu May 28, 2009 01:08 pm
by debbie78
After 38+ weeks, lots of doctor appointments, tons of worry-- and a-okay pressures and pee, I have a date. I am quite amazed that I have made it almost 39 weeks without so much as a single major blood pressure spike, very, very minimal swelling, and relatively no headaches. Both of my previous pregnancies were overwhelming with those issues, and here I am, pregnant with our first boy, and no issues to speak of (well, I did have one bp spike a while ago that caused me to panic, but it's been fine ever since).

I can't believe it's here. Really. After three LONG years, waiting for a baby, I will be holding a living, breathing baby boy (I am confident of that).

Saturday at 7 a.m. I go in for a scheduled induction-- and hopefully I will be holding Finnegan Saturday evening. I will be 39 weeks.