Happy V-day to me :)

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Re : Happy V-day to me :)

Postby rebecca2 » Fri Feb 20, 638635 8:42 am

Wonderful news!

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Re : Happy V-day to me :)

Postby hannahsmom » Thu Feb 19, 638635 9:45 pm

You must be relieved! Here's to many more weeks!

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Re : Happy V-day to me :)

Postby sonja » Thu Feb 19, 638635 9:41 pm

Enjoy celebrating each milestone as they come your way!

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Re : Happy V-day to me :)

Postby kara » Thu Feb 19, 638635 9:16 pm

Best thing I've heard all week!!!

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Re : Happy V-day to me :)

Postby xois » Thu Feb 19, 638635 7:50 pm

hurrah! :) terrific news

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Re : Happy V-day to me :)

Postby jmom08 » Thu Feb 19, 638635 7:13 pm

Congratulations!! Hoping for lots more weeks/months in there! :)

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Re : Happy V-day to me :)

Postby annes » Thu Feb 19, 638635 6:48 pm

Sounds like a great place to be and a really nice size baby. Congrats!

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Happy V-day to me :)

Postby beth11 » Thu Feb 19, 638635 6:23 pm

Just wanted to touch base with you all -- I am 24 weeks today! I know "viability" is a guarantee of absolutely nothing, but I'm also thrilled because this is a milestone that I really wasn't sure I'd ever reach. At our u/s 2 days ago little boy was weighing 1 pound 9 ounces already (80% percentile), which just adds to the good news.

While (like all of us, I'm sure) I'm still terribly anxious and want nothing more than for this little guy to stay put for a good long while! -- it's reassuring to know that he's growing big and strong in case he does need to fight for himself.

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