Problems producing milk from magnesium

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Re: Problems producing milk from magnesium

Postby junco » Thu Oct 07, 638951 8:13 am

I was on mag for a total of 5 days (3 days, then went home, then back for two more days). I had a 32 weeker. No milk production problems. There's so many factors that are part of milk production, especially when you throw a pump into the mix: duration of pumping, improper fit of pump flanges, too-low pump cycle, skipping letdown mode, and not pumping at night are just a few of the issues that complicate things.

I pumped every two hours, around the clock (even at night) for 20 minutes each time in order to establish my supply. It took about a week to get things going but I was fine after that. I did not actually breastfeed until my son was two weeks old- it was all pumping. Mothers with production problems can take a medication, an herbal suppplement, and a variety of foods that encourage milk supply.

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Re: Problems producing milk from magnesium

Postby mrss » Sat May 24, 638949 9:52 pm

I was on mag with DD and had no problems with my milk coming in. She received formula three times because her blood sugar was so low and I was throwing up so badly that nursing would have been difficult, but I still was able to begin nursing while I was still getting it via IV. I was also on Lasiks for nearly a week and it did not cause any troubles.
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Re: Problems producing milk from magnesium

Postby lizard » Mon May 12, 638949 1:13 pm

i think each person is different and the mag has nothing to do with it. i was on mag and had a baby csection and in the NICU for 4 wks and i pumped that whole time. i had SOOOOOOOOOOOO much milk. more than he could even drink at that point and i continued to produce tons the entire 2 years i breastfed. so, i think it really comes down to your body without or without complications etc.

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Re: Problems producing milk from magnesium

Postby korie » Thu May 01, 638949 3:57 pm

Interesting. I was on mag for 36 hours with my first and was born at 30 weeks 6 days. I never got my milk in fully but I always attributed it to exclusively pumping. It could have been that or the mag i suppose. I don't know if I was pumping enough to get my milk in with him. With my second I was MUCH better about pumping every few hours so my milk came in correctly (she was also in th NICU and not breastfeeding), but I wasn't on magnesium with her either. I really can't say for sure either way then.

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Re: Problems producing milk from magnesium

Postby cmccaffrey » Thu May 01, 638949 1:23 pm

hmmm... I gave birth at 30 weeks 3 days and was on mag for 24 hours, but didn't seem to have any trouble producing milk. In fact, I was leaking colostrum a few weeks before my c-section and my milk came in full the day after. I think it just depends on the person.
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Re: Problems producing milk from magnesium

Postby chloeada » Thu May 01, 638949 1:05 pm

I was on mag for 24 hours before and after delivery, and I had tons of milk- I filled a whole NICU freezer drawer with bottles that never got used since they preferred using fresh milk.

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Re: Problems producing milk from magnesium

Postby cks » Tue Apr 08, 638949 1:56 am

It took me 2 weeks for my milk to fully 'come in'. I was on mag, but I was told that considering I had ongoing high BP issues post-delivery, that this was the issue. Actually, around 6-7 days post-delivery, my milk started coming in ... but then they put me on lasix (diuretic) and I completely dried up until I was off that drug. I did manage to exclusively breastfeed in the long run, but she had a lot of formula in the beginning.

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Re: Problems producing milk from magnesium

Postby tracym » Tue Apr 08, 638949 12:45 am

I have heard that about mag. too. However I wasn't put on mag until 8 hours after delivery (33wks) and started pumping the following day whilst still on it. Within 24 hours I was producing 20mls at a session. I went home after 8 days and only brought milk into the hospital for her once after that as they had more than enough stored there than she needed (I was feeding twice a day at the breast at that stage). When she came home after 16 days I brought some frozen surplus milk home too.

So it certainly wasn't an issue in my case.

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Re: Problems producing milk from magnesium

Postby kerisue » Thu Mar 27, 638949 10:29 pm

I was on mag and also had trouble getting my milk going, but was told that was due to baby being born so early (24 wks). But it DID get going eventually, just took some work. (cruelly, then, after my daughter died it was painful and difficult to get it to stop.)
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Re: Problems producing milk from magnesium

Postby susheli » Thu Mar 27, 638949 4:32 pm

This is interesting. I also had problems producing milk after having been on magnesium. I was only able to produce milk for my preemie because I was given medication that encourages lactation. Plus a lot of pumping! It is possible and the best advice I can give you is to talk to a lactation consultant before birth to prepare for this eventuality.
Good luck!

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