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Re: chances of pre-e in 3rd pregnancy

Posted: Wed Aug 11, 639249 7:47 am
by rebecca2
If you don't get PE during your 2nd pregnancy, I the think your chance of developing it in a 3rd pregnancy is even less. It is still higher than the general population, but less risky than your 2nd pregnancy.

I developed severe PE at 26w during my 1st pregnancy. Going into my 2nd pregnancy, my MFM told me I had a 40-60% chance of developing it again. I had to deliver at 35w6d due to low amniotic fluid. I didn't develop PE, but my BP did jump up 1.5 weeks PP and I had to double my meds. I'm currently 35w3d into my 3rd pregnancy. My MFM told me my chances of developing it during this pregnancy were closer to 20%. However, he is monitoring me just as closely and carefully as he did in my 2nd pregnancy.

Re: chances of pre-e in 3rd pregnancy

Posted: Wed Aug 11, 639249 5:25 am
by mymiracles2
Excellent question. We have two children, HELLP with the first and Preeclyapmsia with the second, coupled with TTP. The doctors that I have seen have not made me feel warm and fuzzy about a third, but it is something that my husband and I want to consider. I believe that the chances are higher the more times you have it, but could be completely wrong. Good luck!

Re: chances of pre-e in 3rd pregnancy

Posted: Sat Jul 31, 639249 4:32 am
by heather j
I'm not sure, but I think the standard 40% risk is still applied. I know my doctors chose to monitor my third pregnancy based on my history with the first. My second went very, very well, but I still had HELLP and an abruption in my file, so everyone was very vigilant about watching.

chances of pre-e in 3rd pregnancy

Posted: Sun May 12, 639247 9:46 pm
by angvbc
so i had severe pre-e and hellp with my 1st pregnancy and now i'm pregnant with my 2nd and so far no problems. not out of the woods yet but i'm starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel which brings me to my question. i've done a lot of searching but can't seem to find many statistics on this. if i don't get pre-e with my second, then what are the chances of it happening with a 3rd pregnancy?