Are you pregnant again after having preeclampsia once already in a previous pregnancy? Post your thoughts/concerns here - there are others who share your feelings. This is also the home of our Bedrest Buddies Support group.
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Postby kbunsey » Tue Sep 09, 639259 3:42 pm

How many weeks are you?
31? 32? who's counting!? :lol:

Boy or Girl?

briefly tell us your history with PE/PIH/HELLP:
Preg#1: Early onset severe PE, stillbirth
Preg#2: good pregnancy, emotionally very challenging - amazing Kyle was born 10.29.09 via scheduled induction @ 39week, healthy and PE free!!!

How's it going??
Preg#3: so good so far! Anticipate scheduled induction @ 39 weeks around Nov 16 or 17th - unless she wants to come on her own earlier -wouldn't that be something! Trying an additional supplement this time: COQ10. BP is still doing great!
Katie, married to Doug. Mom to Fiona Elizabeth, stillborn June 21, 2008 @ 26w; Severe Preeclampsia. Loved. Kyle James, born October 29, 2009 @ 39w; Healthy and PE Free!!! Josephine, born Nov.17, 2011 @ 39w; PE free again. Woot!

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Postby Olliesmum » Fri Aug 29, 639259 3:10 am

How many weeks are you?
30 Weeks

Boy or Girl?
Girl (yay!! We have our pigeon pair)

briefly tell us your history with PE/PIH/HELLP:
Diagnosed at 27 weeks with Pre eclampsia preterm delivery at 31+4 weeks to a IUGR little man!! Who is now a very healthy and happy 22 month old!!

How's it going??
Great so far, still had protein after delivering my son but there has been no changes in the amount (and it is still within a normal range) Had first growth scan at 28 weeks baby was measuring 2lb 10oz (1.2kg) and in the 47th % next growth scan in 2 weeks and delivery set for 18th November at 38 weeks if we get to there!!

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Postby pryncesspez » Mon Aug 18, 639259 2:20 am

How many weeks are you? 20 + 1

Boy or Girl? Boy, we think, ultrasound wasn't for sure

Briefly tell us your history with PE/PIH/HELLP: First daughter became severely PE 160s/120s, 9,338mg protein (and assuming beginning stages of HELLP with a platelet count of 59K, but never checked liver function) at 39 weeks where I had a C/S. Second daughter developed mild PE 140s/90s, 328mg protein at 39 weeks and had an induced VBAC.

How's it going?? Good, last BP 103/62, no protein in the urine. Had a headache and spots in my vision a couple of weeks which scared the snot out of me, but turned out to be nothing.
Me 29, not overweight, non-smoker, no pre-existing or underlying conditions
DH 32
DD1 Born Dec 2005, severe PE and beginning stages of HELLP, emergency c/s at 39 weeks
DD2 Born Nov 2007, mild PE, induced VBAC at 39 weeks
DS1 Born Feb 2012, mild PE, induced VBAC at 39 weeks

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Postby amandamm » Fri May 16, 639259 11:30 pm

How many weeks are you? 24 +3

Boy or Girl? Boy!

briefly tell us your history with PE/PIH/HELLP: Its in my sig, twice induced at 35 & 37 weeks

How's it going?? Good! My bp was super low at my last appointment. Baby's growth is flattening, so that isn't great, but it happened with both my girls, so I am not going to stress about it. I think I had trace protein last ob, but they didn't say anything, so I am not going to worry about that either.
Mom to Addie & Evie, Pre-E x2 (34w6d & 37w2d)
due December 28, 2011!
In our hearts forever: missed miscarriage @ 10 weeks (July 2008) & miscarriage at 7 weeks (February 2009)

Addie Lu & Evie Too ~ Deda's Little Duds

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Postby pipper » Sat Feb 01, 639259 10:00 pm

How many weeks are you? 30

Boy or Girl? another boy!

briefly tell us your history with PE/PIH/HELLP: First pregnancy-developed HELLP at 28 weeks, baby boy did not make it.It came on very strong and fast and everything (physically) went back to normal once I delievered. Second pregnancy- 40 ml Lovenox. delivered via c-section at 34 weeks due to pre-eclampsia. He's a happy, healthy 19 month old.

How's it going?? So far so good. No problems at all except an aching back and neck. I feel SO MUCH BIGGER than I've ever been!! He's in the 40-50% which is shocking since my husband, babies, and I are/were super duper tiny people.
me-25 years old
dh-31 years old
Baby Biko, here and gone Nov.28,2008 at 28 weeks due to severe HELLP.
Remy born Feb.4,2010 at 34 weeks (3 lbs 10 oz) due to Preeclampsia. Lovely and so healthy!
Balu born Oct.21,2011 at 37 week. PE and HELLP free!

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Postby riehlism » Mon Nov 13, 639256 5:30 pm

How many weeks are you?
31 weeks today

Boy or Girl?

Briefly tell us your history with PE/PIH/HELLP:
It was a normal pregnancy until about 21 or 22 weeks when my BP started to climb. I was admitted and had to deliver our baby boy via Classical C-section at 24+6 due to worsening BP (235/115) and HELLP.

How's it going??
So far so good. I am on Baby Aspirin daily and 60mg Lovenox shots daily. BPs are in the 100/60s on average. I have mild Gestational Diabetes, but only my fastings were high. Metformin took care of that and everything has been fine. My MFM moved my C-Section to 38 weeks. I guess it's a good thing he thinks I can make it that far.
Jasmin: Severe PE/HELLP and delivered at 24+6 & PCOS (29) Hubby Bubby, Frank (29)
Baby Blue stopped in to say hello and goodbye on 6/3/10
Baby Lucas was born on 10/13/11, PE and HELLP-free! Thank you baby aspirin and Lovenox

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Postby alexis » Mon Nov 13, 639256 9:10 am

How many weeks are you?

Boy or Girl?

briefly tell us your history with PE/PIH/HELLP:
Chronic HTN with severe superimposed preeclampsia. GA at onset not known for sure, BP slowly rose for a few weeks beforehand. My OB was not paying attention and didn't monitor me well. At 37 weeks I showed up at the antenatal clinic and dipped 4+. (That midwife looked at me and knew, I swear. She had blood drawn before I even peed in a cup.) 2 days later, I delivered by emergency CS after my 24 hour collection came back "extremely high" (never did get a count) and I failed an NST.

How's it going??
Really well. Starting to get optimistic! My BP has been stable on meds, growth is good, no swelling, no protein. I'm looking at going past 37 weeks, though I don't think I'll push it past 39 no matter what.
Chronic hypertension
Aliza - 01/05/2007 - Severe preeclampsia, emergency CS 37 weeks
Isaac - 09/26/2011 - controlled on 150mg Toprol, NO PE, 39 weeks!

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Postby steffthomas » Sun Nov 12, 639256 8:02 am

How many weeks are you? 31w 5d

Boy or Girl? Girl!!!! Lorelai Victoria

briefly tell us your history with PE/PIH/HELLP: Let me start by saying that I never had any type of urine test done, even early in my pregnancy, no dipstick, etc. Around 29ish weeks, I noticed some swelling, especially after walks etc. We lived in GA at the time, it's hot there, even in October, so I thought nothing of it. Also was so tired, but hey I was pregnant! At 30 weeks and a few days, I started swelling of the whole body. Went to L&D to be verbally bashed by the dr. who insisted I had no signs of pre eclampsia (I had just graduated nursing school a few years before, I was pretty sure I hadn't forgotten that much) Needless to say, 9 days later, full blown severe pre e. Transferred to a big hospital, delivered at 32+1. Little Emma had IUGR but is a (tiny!) healthy 4 year old (will be 5! where has time gone!)

How's it going?? So far, so good. At this point, I was in the hospital diagnosed with pre e. Come friday, I'll be 32w1d.. which is where I was at with my little girl. I feel good. BP's have been stable..a little on the high side, but nothing too too concerning (130's/70's) My normal BP's are in the 110's/70's, but Dr. is not concerned. Ran a PE panel Monday, all was well. BP's stable. I am just so thankful that this pregnancy has been so uneventful thus far and am praying that I make it to my next goal of 34 weeks!

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Postby uncskristy » Sun Nov 12, 639256 7:49 am

How many weeks are you?
30 weeks today.

Boy or Girl?
Another boy

briefly tell us your history with PE/PIH/HELLP:
Hospitalized at 23 weeks, 5 days with a placenta tear. They discovered then that I was suffering from severe preeclampsia and by 24 weeks, two days we were forced to deliver because of the PE

How's it going??
Great so far. BP Numbers are good, no protein showing, no swelling or headaches. My iron has been a tad low so I am having to try to eat foods with a higher iron intake and I have had to increase my water intake drastically because I have been slightly on the dehydrated side but neither are things my OB is worried about. Blaine was measuring a week ahead with his growth numbers yesterday and is at 3 pounds, 11 ounces- twice the size that his big brother was when he with us. Just counting down the weeks and days until my scheduled c-section on Oct 26th at 38 weeks.
Mommy of Three Boys- Davis 10/4/2007(No PE, overbaked at 40wks, 2 days),
Cooper 5/20/2010-5/21/2010 (born too early at 24wks, 2 days due to severe PE) and
Blaine 10/11/11 (35wks, 6 days, mild but quick moving PE)
Wife to Matthew since 6/11/2005

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Postby grantk » Thu Nov 02, 639256 5:32 am

How many weeks are you?
37 weeks + 4 days

Boy or Girl?
Girl (again!)

briefly tell us your history with PE/PIH/HELLP:
I had HELLP a few days before 28 weeks, diagnosed on Friday delivered via c-section on Monday. Daughter is currently 2.75 years old and pretty healthy!

How's it going?
Started to swell right at 37 weeks, but the dr is calling it trace edema and it is mostly in the cankles :) BP has gone up and settled a bit higher, I was getting 110/60 most appts and now I'm getting 125/80, sometimes low 80s. Still trace protein at visits...

Was hoping to VBAC, but when I talked with my main dr today he basically said if I was his wife there was no way he would let me go into labor... I have been seeing other drs in the practice and they have all said if healthy, I am fine candidate for a VBAC. So I'm unsure of why he scared the crap out of me today. I wish I had heard his reasoning a lot earlier, but I didn't bring it up at my early appts when I saw him. He thinks my risk of rupture is worse since I had a c-section at 28 weeks, even though it was low transverse, he think since my uterus wasn't stretched out very much, and so now that it is the scar is bigger than what it would be with a normal term c-section. I hope to get a second opinion and make a decision by the end of the week...

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