Jasmine/Riehlism How are you???

Are you pregnant again after having preeclampsia once already in a previous pregnancy? Post your thoughts/concerns here - there are others who share your feelings. This is also the home of our Bedrest Buddies Support group.
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Re: Jasmine/Riehlism How are you???

Postby Abbysmama1109 » Fri Sep 19, 639259 6:25 am

So glad to hear that you are feeling better and that you have made it this far!!
When I had strep throat my urine was a plus one and my BP was very high for me, it was 158/98. That is what prompted them to send me to see a high risk doctor. I had severe strep throat and a fever, it was fine by the next week (both the urine and the BP). So I totally think that illness can affect it.
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Re: Jasmine/Riehlism How are you???

Postby cmccaffrey » Tue Sep 09, 639259 7:15 pm

Jasmin... I am just so excited for you!!! 34 weeks is AWESOME!
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Re: Jasmin/Riehlism How are you???

Postby riehlism » Tue Sep 09, 639259 6:30 pm

Hi Brandi and thanks so much for thinking about me! Last week I had that nasty cold (still do) and had one off BP reading while doing my NST. I wasn't admitted to the hospital, but I did have to stay in Fetal Diagnostics for a while to be monitored. I was there for about 5 hours as they took (and re-took), my BPs and ran labs. Everything checked out ok. It seems it was a fluke high reading because every reading before and after that was in the 100s/60s, where it usually is. I did have tachycardia that resolved after drinking water. I've also had no protein in my urine since that one dipstick, so it looks like they were right that a bad cold can cause some protein leakage in urine.

I had my OB appointment yesterday, along with another NST. The diagnostic nurse said my AFI was great, baby was very active, but she did notice my placenta had some calcification. I talked about it with my OB who said there are varying degrees of calcification that can occur in placenta. Calcification shows aging of the placenta which can happen at the very end of pregnancy. If we see calcification in the second trimester, or lots of calcification before term, that may be a sign of wear on the placenta in terms of smoking, or hypertension. Neither of those apply to me. Although I also read online that Gestation Diabetes can contribute to that. But he said the degree of calcification is quite mild. I get NSTs and AFIs twice a week, and I get seen by my OB and MFM weekly for growth. He says the best way to assess placental function is fetal growth and activity. So far, little Snowflake has passed everything with flying colors. It sounds like it's just something that needs to be monitored.

As of yesterday, little Snowflake is 4.5 pounds and he seems to have hair on his little head. I feel pressure in my nether regions...the kind of pressure that makes me feel like I have a full bladder. My abdominals feel sore, and I am still trying to put on some weight since I don't seem to be gaining much. The current issue on the table is date of delivery. My OB feels more comfortable doing an amnio at 36 and delivering at 37. My MFM thinks we should just deliver at 38 without an amnio. Personally, I would feel better doing an amnio at 36. If he doesn't get great results, then we can wait until 38. But at least we know where he stands. Plus with all the Lovenox shots, another needle to the belly doesn't phase me one bit. I will be meeting with my MFM on Thursday for another scan and to discuss the delivery.

I will be 34 weeks tomorrow. Just 3-4 weeks left!
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Jasmine/Riehlism How are you???

Postby brandib » Thu Aug 28, 639259 4:15 pm

Hi there. I've been thinking about you and wanted to pop in and see how you are. I was sad to read that you were in the hospital and had the trace protein and higher reading. How are you doing now??? I hope your cold is on the way out the door :)

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