Pregnant after a loss from pre e

Are you pregnant again after having preeclampsia once already in a previous pregnancy? Post your thoughts/concerns here - there are others who share your feelings. This is also the home of our Bedrest Buddies Support group.
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Re: Pregnant after a loss from pre e

Postby kerisue » Sat Nov 18, 639550 9:53 am

So sorry to hear about Remi. My baby was also born in June 2010 (at 24+4) and also weighed 1lb. 1oz! I wish they'd been born in September instead and we had toddlers now. My wish for your current pregnancy is that it's long and uneventful and that this baby has safe passage into your arms for good.
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Re: Pregnant after a loss from pre e

Postby wrennie » Mon Nov 06, 639550 7:13 am

So sorry to hear of your story with your first pregnancy. Sadly too many of us know this pain. Being pregnant again is very worrisome and scary. But you have the most important thing covered...a good doctor. Plus, you will be monitoring yourself very closely too. I hope everything continues to go well for you this time around!

I am on my third pregnancy. I also lost my first, at 31 weeks, and it was also very sudden and I was much sicker after I delivered than with her in my belly. My second pregnancy resulted with a healthy baby girl born at full term. I was diagnosed with PE, but only protein showed up and never got too bad. I was hospitalized though for 9 weeks for that pregnancy, everyone was just scared. But, we did it, and we did it with only adding baby asprin at 12 weeks and a watchful eye. This is my third pregnancy, i am 28 weeks, getting into PE testing now, 24 hour urine test just completed. I feel great! hoping to avoid the hospital and anything worse this go. I have been on baby asprin since conception.

Welcome to the boards, im only just getting back on here too. I am too afraid not to have people that understand to chat with!
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Pregnant after a loss from pre e

Postby remismommy » Mon Nov 06, 639550 12:48 am

Hey everyone!
I just wanted to get on here and introduce myself. I have a lot of pre e moms on facebook who have told me over and over that I need to start using this forum for support and I am just barely getting around to it now... Im so glad you are all here for support. :)

So here is the short version of my story... In June 2010 I had my son via emergency c section at 24wks 6days due to severe preeclampsia. Remington Derik Curtis was born weighing 1lb 1oz, he faught bravely in the NICU for 8 days. I miss him so much every day.

My particular case of pre e was strange the way it came about, not typical at all and actually baffled my doctors. My blood pressure spiked out of no where, and I caught it by chance. I had no other symtoms really, no swelling, no headaches, no pain in my side or nausea, nothing... I woke up one morning with a stiff neck that progressivly got worse and finally I decided to go to the emergency room and see if there was anything they could do for the pain. When I got there and was checking in they took my blood pressure and it was 178/110. I was immediatly admitted to labor and delivery where they did blood work and started a 24 hour urine collection. Although my blood pressure was high all my blood work came back normal and there was no protien in my urine. They diagnosed me with pregnancy induced hypertension and put me on blood pressure meds which lowered my blood pressure to about 140/90 and were getting ready to discharge me and put me on bed rest. Before I left I requested an ultrasound to see my son and ease my mind. Duuidring the ultrasound they noticed that I had low amniotic fluid and that my baby was measuring small about 10 days behind. The next thing I knew I was being transported by ambulance to another hospital where they had a NICU more equipped to care for a baby born at 24 weeks. With in the next 24 hours things went from bad to worse. I started spilling trace amounts of protein in my urine and finally my blood work came back and I was officially diagnosed with severe preeclampsia. However, I was stable. My blood pressure stayed under control and my protien was low enough that they werent worried. The next morning I had a doppler ultrasound to check blood flow to the placenta. The bloodflow was restricted and they told me that meant that my son was not getting enough oxygen or nutrients to survive in there for much longer. Later that night my doctor came into the room and told me that the baby had been repeatedly having decelerations in his heart rate and that he needed to come out if we wanted him to have a chance.

After Remi died I had lots of testing done to see if there was any reason as to why I got preeclampsia because I have no family history of it . I do not have any known clotting disorders. However, my blood pressure never returned to normal after I had Remi. I was diagnosed as chronic hypertensive after three months, and put on 300 mg of Labatelol twice a day. Also I had extremely low vitamin d which I now take a daily supplement for, and it is normal now.

In November I found out that I am expecting baby number two. I am currently 11 weeks and everything is going great so far. Blood pressure is under control with my meds, and I am also taking a daily baby aspirin and doing a Lovenox injection every day. I have a great mfm that I am working with this time around and I feel really good. But of course I am still terrified. My doctor feels really good that even if I do get pre e again I have a good chance of getting it much later this time. I have had an ultrasound at every appt so far and baby is measuring ahead!

Hoping for the best and looking for all the support I can get! I love to hear about pre e free pregnancies so please do share your success stories with me! Also anyone who has used Lovenox or baby aspirin and had success let me know. Thanks guys!

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