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Re: Happy to see all the near term mommies

Posted: Sat Jul 07, 639551 6:55 pm
by riehlism
When I was strolling through the boards I noticed from the posters that if they did get preeclampsia it happened at the very end of pregnancy or they got postpartum. When I got closer to 37 weeks and all my labs and blood pressures looked great, I started to worry less about that and worried about postpartum. Luckily I got neither and it was a completely PE free pregnancy.

I'm hoping all you other ladies are the same.

Re: Happy to see all the near term mommies

Posted: Thu May 10, 639551 5:04 pm
by danielsmom
Hi Jasmin. It's great to hear that Lucas is healthy and doing well. Wow, 3 months has really flown by. Those little baby giggles really jerk on your heartstrings don't they?

I was so inspired by your second pregnancy and hope that those who have had early onset pre-e and are thinking about trying again find your story. I'm surprised that you say you were less concerned about pre-e and more concerned about post partum pre-e. Was that just a feeling? Or what led you to that?

Happy to see all the near term mommies

Posted: Wed May 09, 639551 12:57 pm
by riehlism
Hi ladies!

It's been a while since I posted. I am so happy to see those from the TTC board on the Pregnant Again, and of course, all the new babies and near term mommies.

Lucas is a happy and healthy 3 month old now. He finally learned how to smile and giggle a little.

With this second pregnancy I was less concerned about me getting preeclampsia and putting Luke at risk. I was more concerned with getting post partum preeclampsia. But this pregnancy turned out to be a complete 180 from my first with Blue. Minus the whole meconium ileus thing (nothing to do with preeclampsia or HELLP), it's been peachy.

I will post some pictures soon and I wish you all happy and healthy deliveries this year!