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Re: I have made it to 15 weeks.

Posted: Thu Apr 08, 639554 4:28 pm
by mymiracles2
I feel you! I am 5 weeks - waiting for the miscarriage scare to be over...and the fear. But yes, i am also nervous about the other piece! Arghhhhh i have also had 2 pregnancies with HELLP and Pre E. I try to tell myself that these feelings are normal, then try to be happy and then feel guilty..the roller coaster of emotions!

Re: I have made it to 15 weeks.

Posted: Fri Dec 25, 639553 7:05 am
by danielsmom
Yay for 15 weeks! I felt exactly like that... like ok, the miscarriage concern is over, and we're not really in the pre-e risk zone yet, now what do I do? The waiting game. I tried to enjoy it. It's the one time where you don't have much to worry about. But all I could think about was the imminent growth scan around 20-21 weeks, knowing that if the baby is growing appropriately, we're off to a great start (better than the last time for me). Well, my baby turned out HUGE at that scan, so I'm far more positive than I thought I'd be and looking forward to each week.

For me, the frustrating thing about being 13-20 weeks was fielding all the questions and comments from well-meaning people. Like, "how do you feel?" I'd say, "I feel great", and they'd immediately pursue to confidently tell me that that meant all was going to be perfect this time. I'd tell them that I felt perfect at the same gestation last time too, but it would go in one ear and out the other and we'd say it all again the next day. People... the pot is not going to boil yet. Ask me again in 8 weeks. Sorry, I'm turning the vent valve off now. :lol:

Lots of luck with the new doctor. Keep tabs on them... let's hope this is an entirely different experience for you! Better make sure you have room for that new stroller you're GOING to get too! I'm having too much fun preparing for this baby girl that I can't get any work done around here.

I have made it to 15 weeks.

Posted: Thu Dec 24, 639553 4:18 am
by laughinggirl127
As the title says I have made it to 15 weeks. Now that the immeniant threat of miscarriage is over I feel like I am waiting for the other shoe to drop so to speak. Did anyone else feel like a pot that someone was watching waiting to boil. I am pretty confident that I will get the pree again this time. I am 2 for 2 with disease and pregnancy. I hope to be better managed this time around. I completely switched Dr.s as the same clinic I had both of my pregnancies at the last time kinda ignored my condition and history. Heres to hoping anyway. With the second pregnancy there was at least hoping that it was a first pregnancy kinda thing.

In a bit of a joking kinda way my husband told me that if made it to 36 weeks he will let me buy the very expensive stroller that I want. I might end up with that pretty new one after all. Hope all of the other ladies are having a good pregnancy so far. Keeps us all updated.