Here we go again.....

Are you pregnant again after having preeclampsia once already in a previous pregnancy? Post your thoughts/concerns here - there are others who share your feelings. This is also the home of our Bedrest Buddies Support group.
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Re: Here we go again.....

Postby heather j » Thu Feb 09, 2012 11:21 pm

The very good thing about your situation is that you *know* what to look for and what it means. I really felt like that was something in my corner in my last two pregnancies. Of course, it was also something to stress me the heck out, too. ;) Almost 31 weeks is good; hoping you can hang steady for just a few more weeks. It sounds like you and your doctor have a tight handle on everything (monitoring, steroids, etc). I think most doctors won't start NST/BPP until around 32 weeks, so you're still good there; it's about that time, though. Hope that this is a bump in the road rather than a trend, but glad you are in good hands if it is not. Thinking of you!
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Here we go again.....

Postby txmom7 » Thu Feb 09, 2012 10:52 am

And I thought I'd skip it this time.

Back story: I had pre-e in 2006 with baby #7. Fine to very sick in 3 days at 38+ weeks. Baby was born, she was fine, my BP returned to normal almost immediately. Ended up with PIH for the next two babies but it was never bad and didn't turn into pre-e although pressures started rising in mid 2nd trimester.

Baby #10. My BP's have been good to excellent. 11x/6x became my norm. My OB and I were doing the happy dance. I was 30 weeks and things were looking great. Then...dum,dum,dum.....I felt funky on Monday (30w5d). I took my BP 15x/8x. Humph. Waited an hour 14x/9x. Double humph. Waiting another 30 minutes. 14x/10x. Call the OB. They call back and have me take it one more time while we're on the phone. 173/97. That's it. Off to L&D. My urine and blood was fine aside from some ketones because I hadn't eaten enough that day but my pressures stayed hypertensive the whole time although they did come down. I think the best one there was 147/7x, the worst was 16x/9x. I was sent home on bed rest for the duration, weekly visits, and a warning if I do that again I'm looking at admission and steroids. My pressures have been OK. If I'm down and stay down (with 8 kids at home it isn't easy) they are pretty good. 12x/7x or even lower. If I get up sometimes they stay good, 13x/8x. Sometimes I get a systolic well up into the 140's but my diastolic has only creeped over 90 once or twice since Monday.

If I didn't have the monitor and hadn't had pre-e before I probably wouldn't know there was anything going on. I have no headache and no swelling. I'm having floaters but I still have the ones from baby #7 and it is hard to tell if there are new ones. I'm not a 'sweller' even when I had full blow pre-e with kidney functions in the toilet I wasn't swollen. My head does feel full. If I'm on my feet for more than a few minutes my head and chest feel like I've been bending over for a long time you know? It is subtle but definitely there. I've also gotten blood when I've blown my nose-could be a normal pregnancy thing though. I am lightheaded a lot but again, that could be attributed to normal pregnancy.

When I get these really good BP readings I start feeling silly for being on bed rest and scaring the heck out of friends and family. My OB, who is FAR from a panicker and is king optimism most of the time thinks it is just a matter of time before I end up pre-eclamptic and all but told me that 37 weeks is the best we can hope for. I admit I look at these 12x/6x readings and think to myself we're all overreacting but then I think about how fast I went from FINE to really bad with #7 and read about labile BP's and wonder when the other shoe will drop and the good readings go away completely.

We haven't done a 24 hr urine yet or BPP. I expect they will be ordered at my visit next week and if they aren't I'll ask for them.

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