hmmm- I think that I am allergic to work

Are you pregnant again after having preeclampsia once already in a previous pregnancy? Post your thoughts/concerns here - there are others who share your feelings. This is also the home of our Bedrest Buddies Support group.
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Re: hmmm- I think that I am allergic to work

Postby alviarin » Sat Jul 13, 639557 10:13 pm

Sorry to hear your BP has been misbehaving.

Personally I tend to have higher pressures at night, even when pregnant or on BP meds. During my second pregnancy my first high BP reading was at 26 weeks. I did have more and more high readings as time went on, but my BP didn't go up to 160/100 until 37 weeks. (those being my go to L&D numbers at the time). Hang in there, I hope your pressures stay stable for many more weeks.
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Re: hmmm- I think that I am allergic to work

Postby danielsmom » Wed Jul 03, 639557 9:10 am

I have absolutely nothing useful to say, but thought I'd interject that at 20 weeks, in both pregnancies, I was still kind of in that awkward "I just ate too much pizza" stage. I noticed that in the next two weeks I really started to pop out though. I had growth scans done at 21 and 24 weeks and baby girl was at or above average. I wear a size 8 to 10 if that means anything.

It was really nice when people started really recognizing me for being pregnant, and not afraid to say so. I'm 27w5d today - TADAAAAH! The gestation my son was born at. Now I'm starting to look (and feel) rather whalish. Which is awesome. :D

Take your BP at that time of day when you're not working and see what you get. If it's the same, maybe that's just your rythym...?
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hmmm- I think that I am allergic to work

Postby laughinggirl127 » Mon Jul 01, 639557 5:35 am

Well, as I am paranoid I check my BP a couple of times a day at work with my BP cuff. I have decided that I am allergic to work. It is usually 10-15 points higher there than home. I work nights and don't really do much besides sit at a desk in front of a computer. Every once in a while I get up to walk up and down the hall. I do less here than at home. Although the higher BP's of 135/90's at work aren't really looking good for the near future. My usual Bp is 110/60-70's. And on top of that as a side rant- had a lady tell me the other day "oh are you pregnant, I couldn't tell at all" Really cause that is awesome :( At 20 weeks you would think it showed a little but apparently I just look Fat.

So when did everyone else's bp start to creep up. I have had a couple of days of trace protein this week in my urine. Hoping its just the usual variance due to hydration and diet. Plan on asking for a 24 hour urine at my next visit just to make sure there isn't something more to it. Hope everyone else is having a great weekend.
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