BP Variances & Meds

Are you pregnant again after having preeclampsia once already in a previous pregnancy? Post your thoughts/concerns here - there are others who share your feelings. This is also the home of our Bedrest Buddies Support group.
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Re: BP Variances & Meds

Postby MomTimesThree » Tue Dec 13, 639560 7:29 am

I'm keeping all crossables crossed you find the right medication mix to keep your BP where it needs to be... and that they find it while keeping you out of the hospital.
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Re: BP Variances & Meds

Postby tdwhite8 » Sun Dec 04, 639560 1:40 am

No surprise to me, my BP has gone up a lot since stopping the Aldamet. The highest reading I got today was 172/105. (When I lay on my left side it's 130s/70s.) The OB called to check on me around noon, I told her about the readings I'm getting, and she had me take it again while we were on the phone. It was 164/99. She had me increase the Labetalol to 3x a day and she said she was debating on whether to admit me or not. My next regular appointment is tomorrow afternoon so she said to keep it and we'll go from there.

I asked her about why we made all the changes Tuesday based solely on my low left side readings and she said it's because, since I'm on bedrest, theoretically I should be laying on my left side more than any other position and the readings were way too low. She said we've got to find some middle ground between being too low and too high.

There hasn't been much change since adding the third dose, but it is only the first day. I need at least 2 more weeks. We've got to figure something out. (Hopefully something that doesn't include hospitalization.)

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Re: BP Variances & Meds

Postby aajatwins » Mon Nov 21, 639560 9:57 pm

I know that is frustrating and confusing to hear! The whole point of making you lay down (like Alexis said) is to lower your BP. But we don't spend our lives laying around on our left sides, do we? Definitely discuss your numbers at home and in L&D with your OB and make sure the OB knows how your BP was taken.
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Re: BP Variances & Meds

Postby alexis » Sun Nov 20, 639560 10:55 pm

I would really talk to your OB. Lying on the left lowers BP; that's the point and it's why you don't take it that way. It may be that because your BP is SO low when doing this, that they think it's a problem (too low BP isn't good for you or baby either) and you're better off running slightly high--but I would ask your OB for his reasoning.
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BP Variances & Meds

Postby tdwhite8 » Sun Nov 20, 639560 11:55 am

I am currently 32w4d with baby number 3. I had mild pre-e with my first two, was put on bedrest at 34w and induced at 38w with both. Since my second was born in 2006, I have developed chronic hypertension.

My BP in the beginning of this pregnancy was a breeze. I was taken off all medications because my BP was so good. At ~16w it slowly started to creep up so I went on 250mg Aldamet 2x a day. It seemed to work like clockwork, every three weeks we had to increase the dosage. At 25w we maxed out at 500mg 4x a day and the OB put me on bedrest.

Two weeks ago my BP started to go up again - 140s/90s, nothing too serious - so the OB started 100mg Labetalol 1x a day. After a week, there hadn't been much improvement but it hadn't gotten any worse. Friday the OB told me to cut the Aldamet to 500mg 2x a day and increase the Labetalol to 100mg 2x a day. I did that over the weekend and my BP actually went up slightly.

I called yesterday morning to report what was going on and the OB had me come in. She sent me to L&D for monitoring and to run updated labs to ensure I haven't developed pre-e yet. In L&D they took my BP sitting up when I got there and it was just as it has been - 140/90. Then they had me lay on my left side to see what it was and it dropped to 78/48!!! We all thought it was just a fluke, but it stayed in that range for an hour. (They kept me laying on my left side for the entire hour.)

The nurses and the OB told me that with my BP that low, I'm on too much medicine. The OB told me to completely stop the Aldamet and keep the Labetalol at 2x a day. I'm super confused, though. They've told me from the beginning that when I'm monitoring my BP at home to NOT take it while I'm laying down, rather to sit up for a couple minutes and then take it seated. If my seated BP is over 140/90, then how am I on too much medicine?

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