Calcium supplement recs?

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Re: Calcium supplement recs?

Postby nov_mum » Sun Sep 09, 639573 10:04 am

I have been prescribed them too. I am taking 1200mg a day on prescription. From what I have read, it does little to prevent PE unless you have a diet low in calcium. I am taking it anyway as I figure the risks are pretty minimal. Perhaps your dr can prescribe calcium tabs to make sure you get the one with calcium only?

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Re: Calcium supplement recs?

Postby cjd1975 » Wed Aug 29, 639573 7:15 pm

My MFM mentioned calcium supplementation but we never discussed the dosage. Doing research on calcium supplementation and preeclampsia, I found mixed reviews. Initially, it showed a 65-70% reduction in pre-e with Calcium supplementation and then I found that those studies were not conclusive and there may be an increased risk of HELLP. The recommended dose during pregnancy is 1200mg. I know that I don't get that amount with my PNV and Calcium supplementation. I also have 2 kids with severe dairy allergies so I don't get the extra from my diet as we just can't have it in the house. I have increased my dose to about 1300mg with supplementation but wondering if I should go higher? Did the MFM recommend that dose as preventative against pre-e?? I had postpartum pre-e and am pregnant again with my 3rd. As far as I know I didn't have issues during my first pregnancy/postpartum (probably had enough calcium with vitamins and diet). My second pregnancy, where I am sure I didn't have enough calcium due to my daughters allergies, I did develop postpartum pre-e....maybe a link to that??

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Re: Calcium supplement recs?

Postby courageismyname » Mon Jul 02, 639573 6:18 am

Thanks everybody-you guys are awesome! I forgot about Tums. I think that'll do it! So glad to have this off the list-thank you:)
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Re: Calcium supplement recs?

Postby ktsl123 » Fri Jun 22, 639573 3:23 pm

I bought calcium and magnesium with vitamin d all together. Email me, I've got a link to the least expensive vitamin store I know.
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Re: Calcium supplement recs?

Postby angieb » Fri Jun 22, 639573 1:04 pm

I don't think the calcium chews have magnesium, I've also taken Tums for extra calcium.
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Re: Calcium supplement recs?

Postby alviarin » Thu Jun 21, 639573 2:34 pm

I also had a little trouble finding a calcium supplement by itself.... I take a prenatal plus high doses of vitamin D and then my OB reccomended extra calcium. (I'm wierd I have to take high doses of vitamin D to stay in range).

Oh and I did take Tums for some extra calcium in my last pregnancy to help with leg cramps per my OB's reccomendation.

I suggest asking your local pharmacist to help you find a straight up calcium supplement, good luck!
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Re: Calcium supplement recs?

Postby » Thu Jun 21, 639573 5:08 am

Hi! I just saw my MFM last friday and he too wants me on calcium. My husband reminded myself and the doc that I had been taking Tums now daily due to heartburn and that Tums is basically Calcium Carbonate. The doc said that was great. I have the Tums thats 750mg of calcium carbonate and I take at least three per day. The doc also said should I take more then that due to heartburn, not to worry, what the body doesn't need or has excess of it will eliminate it in your stools. I hope this has helped you. :)
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Re: Calcium supplement recs?

Postby Raposa » Wed Jun 20, 639573 6:06 pm

I've never seen calcium and magnesium combined. Usually it's Calcium and vitamin D. I actually take a daily magnesium supplement because it made my migraines less intense, and the doctors didn't say to stop taking it just because I'm pregnant again.

Have you asked your doctor if you need to avoid magnesium or vitamin D? Lots of people are low on D to start, and when you supplement with D, it also uses up a lot of magnesium as it goes to work.

As far as I recall, you need Vit D to absorb calcium, but vit D uses up magnesium as it goes to work, so if you're supplementing a lot, you can end up using up too much magnesium and feel terrible and headachey.
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Calcium supplement recs?

Postby courageismyname » Wed Jun 20, 639573 1:10 pm

Hi All,

I am taking at my MFM's rec a low-dose aspirin and my prenatal vitamin. I also want to take 1500-2000 mg of calcium (also his rec), but am having some difficulty with this because I don't want to take too much magnesium or vitamin d (one of which is in every calcium supplement I've found so far).

Last week I accidentally took way too much magnesium for 4-5 days because of taking calcium supplements in addition to my prenatal (which had a lot of magnesium)-I was scared when I realized and called poison control. I spoke with both my docs the next morning and they said don't worry, just take calcium that doesn't have magnesium added-but I can't find any! Does anyone have experience/suggestions with this?

Also, I want to take enough magnesium to absorb the calcium (because I read online that if you take a lot of calcium without magnesium it's bad for you), but not too much. My MFM didn't have magnesium recs, but online I found things saying don't go about 350 mg if you're pregnant.

I have switched to a prenatal that only has 20 mg of magnesium and no calcium so that my calcium supplements can safely have a good dose of both, but again, I am not sure of how much magnesium is best, and having a hard time finding calcium without too much magnesium.

Aaaar! Anyone figured this out? I just want to keep it simple, and this is giving me anxiety right now...thanks!
Eclamptic seizure in labor 12/1/09, age 39. Son born very healthy at 42 weeks and 9 lbs 4 oz via C section. PE had been suspected (by me) but not diagnosed by homebirth midwife. Pregnant again with #2, due 3/9/13.

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