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Re: 24 week update

Posted: Mon May 10, 639576 4:11 am
by mychaelelaine
I don't have any experience with this but wanted to send t&p's your way!

Re: 24 week update

Posted: Mon May 10, 639576 3:33 am
by princess purr
Thinking of you, I would imagine having a similar due date would be really hard, but it sounds like things are going really well :-) Hope everything keeps going good!!!

24 week update

Posted: Sun May 09, 639576 7:48 pm
by sckitzo
Well I had my 24 week appt and ultrasoud. So far everything is looking great. My bp was 96/53 and still following my second trimester dip. I gained almost 5 pounds, which is huge for me this is my first weight gain. My hyperemesis is finally tapering off, and I did not have to get more zofran. Still throwing up but it is soooo much less then it was. I still have no energy. My feet have started really hurting when I walk (as if I have been on my feet all day). Not sure what that is about but I don't see any swelling so that is good. My Mfm was going to give me steroids at 24 weeks for lung development but things are going well enough he did not think I needed it at this point. I have been nervous because my son had stopped growing somewhere between 22 and 23 1/2 weeks and my daughter was labeled iugr at 18 weeks. But my ultrasound showed this baby girl at 1 pound 6 ounces which put her at the 49th percentile for growth. This also depends on what date you use depending on the dr I am due anywhere from 12/28 to 1/1. Blood flow looked great and no notching. She still had a white spot on her heart which dr says is associated with downs syndrome. Does anyone know more about this association? We chose not to get any testing done genetically. And he said he did not see any other signs of downs. But he said it could be nothing too. The next couple of weeks will be hard emotionally on me, as I have the same due date as I had with the son we lost and things fell apart in that pregnancy, so one day at a time.