Are you pregnant again after having preeclampsia once already in a previous pregnancy? Post your thoughts/concerns here - there are others who share your feelings. This is also the home of our Bedrest Buddies Support group.
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Re: Help?

Postby MomTimesThree » Thu May 18, 639871 8:57 am

Hi There-

I'm sorry you're having a difficult time right now- I'm sure especially nerve wraking for you since you're at a similar gestation as with your previous pregnancy. If I understand correctly you were previously taking your BP lying down and recently started taking it sitting- if that's the case you can't compare the pressures- it's expected that they would be different and would be for anyone.

Now step away from the BP cuff. Put it in a drawer... in another room (I say this from experience I had to do this!). Your pressures are a little higher than usual which given the day you are having is to be expected. Put on your favorite show, pick up your favorite book and breathe.

This was my favorite quote throughout my pregnancies- "Worrying does not empty tomorrow of its troubles- it's robs today of its strength"

You can always call and request an earlier appointment to give you peace of mind- right now though focus on finding a peaceful space.

I'm keeping you in my thoughts- I know how scary pregnancy after loss is.
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Re: Help?

Postby gratiana » Wed May 17, 639871 11:50 pm

Context: w/baby #1 I delivered with PE and HELLP at 25.6 weeks; with baby #2 I am now 36.3, although I've had quite a few scares this time around... My experience has been that stress has a HUGE effect, and the more I freak out about it, the more it stays elevated. Two examples: when my mother and mother-in-law were visiting and being annoying over Thanksgiving (right about 24 weeks!), my BP started going up, and as soon as I started worrying about it ("Oh God, this is it, here we go again"), it went up further—but as soon as they left, it went right back down. (I almost couldn't believe it, but I swear it happened. This was a difference of like 100/60 up to 130/85.) Likewise, last week, I was in the hospital for my weekly NST, and everything seemed fine: BP running about 115/75. Then they noticed I was having contractions (BAD, since I have a classical incision from last time), and by the time they got me down to L&D triage in a wheelchair 20 minutes later, it was up to 135/95. As soon as they figured things out and I calmed down, it was right back down again.

So it really could just be the stress! My advice would be: find something to distract yourself; stop taking your BP every five minutes (I've been there, I know the temptation, but I'm convinced it makes things worse); and check it again tomorrow. If it's still high then, call the doctor. You're not in diagnostic range yet, and even once you are, they'll want consistently high BP readings taken several hours apart (often 12!) before they'll decide it's PE. So rely on that: you have time to figure out whether this is PE or a false alarm. Meanwhile, breathe! Sorry about your worries! I hope this helps.
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Postby afaiz » Mon May 08, 639871 1:30 am

Hey ladies
Hope everyone is doing well, I had severe hellp & preeclampsia in my first pregnancy at 25 weeks I started having problems with elevated liver enzymes and itching around 16-17 weeks. I am now 15 weeks and 2 days pregnant again. I am on lovenox, baby aspirin, pre-natal, 2 frolic acid and 1 vitamin d daily. I have been taking my blood pressure about twice a day since 4 weeks, and it has been around 90/60 to 100/70 ish until recently I just started taking my blood pressure sitting up since the beginning I was always taking it laying down on my left side and so about 3-4 days ago its been about 110-114 over 65-75...and today I have had a really stressful day and my pressure I have been taking every 5 min for the past 1 hr and didn't go below 120/90.. What should I do I had a huge fight with my spouse and it won't go down... Past that should I go to the hospital or should I call my dr right now? Sorry I'm just so stressed out now. I don't have an appointment till march 8th what should I do?!

Thanks for listening

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