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Re: Need help in Fort Worth

Posted: Sat Jul 07, 639883 8:20 am
by miss_gennab
I can't tell you where to go but I can tell you who to avoid, *******; she ignored all of my symptoms and told me to go home. She thought I was over-reacting. Thankfully I was educated on the subject and knew to go straight to the hospital, and thank the Lord I did. I was immediately sent to labor and delivery, put on magnesium sulfate and delivered my sweet baby boy by emergency C-section just a few hours later. The staff at *********in downtown Fort Worth were amazing, unlike Dr. *****, and I'm sad that I can't deliver this baby there.

Re: Need help in Fort Worth

Posted: Fri Feb 18, 639881 8:18 am
by laughinggirl127
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Need help in Fort Worth

Posted: Sun Jan 16, 639881 5:15 am
by jedbelv
Hi everyone,

I have had chronic hypertension for ten years. It developed shortly after I delivered my second son (I was 24 yrs. old) and never went away. When I got pregnant with my third son three years later, my blood pressure was completely uncontrollable during the last trimester. Very scary. He was born 5lbs 8 oz, three weeks before the due date, completely healthy. He is now 6 yrs. old. I vowed I would never go through that again, but just took a pregnancy test today that came back (faintly) positive. I took another and the same thing showed up. I am in shock. My immediate worry is to find a good OB that is familiar with hypertension in pregnancy. Six yrs ago, the Ob that I was seeing during my last pregnancy, refused to test my protein even when my blood pressure was 160/115 in the last month of pregnancy. It was a horrible experience! Can someone please email me recommendations for the Fort Worth, Texas area? I live in North Fort Worth near Keller.