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Re: 15 weeks today...

Posted: Fri Feb 01, 639884 3:40 am
by princess purr
I did that with holly3372 her whole pregnancy, every time I logged into check on her she posted something! I hope I have an amazing out come like her. We had a private gender guess at 14 weeks and it looks like a boy :D We go back July 6th at 17 weeks for them to confirm. And then I have a medical ultrasound at 20 weeks and I think every two weeks to watch growth.
Thank you for thinking about me :)

Re: 15 weeks today...

Posted: Wed Jan 30, 639884 5:54 pm
by laughinggirl127
I swear every time I think about you and log onto the board you have put up a new post, its like I am channeling you. Woohoo on 15 weeks. When is your next scan. You are really close in getting to know the gender for sure. Take a deep breath and enjoy the pregnancy. You are coming up on the fun time. Easier said than done I know but spend some time in the pool and soak up some vitamin d.

15 weeks today...

Posted: Sun Jan 20, 639884 11:01 am
by princess purr
Hard to believe I'm 10.5 weeks away from when I was admitted in to the hospital my last pregnancy. Hoping and praying to make it to at least 36 and that the baby will get to come home with me (and I will be healthy!) Hubby put up a pool for me (20 feet by 12) feet so I can relax and get a little exercise.