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Re: lactation post-HELLP?

Posted: Thu Jun 22, 639871 12:52 am
I do not think there are "clear medical" complications for the mother associated with lactation. Most of the drugs she might be receiving would be compatible with breast feeding - but those used should be assessed.

The baby will benefit from breast feeding.

The mother may benefit emotionally by "continuing to contribute" to the welfare of her baby by supplying breast milk. This is at a time when she is probably feeling separated from her baby and her sense of motherhood.

That said, if the mother finds the efforts "burdensome," her sense of what should be done should be respected.

lactation post-HELLP?

Posted: Thu Jun 22, 639871 12:51 am
Hi, just wanting some information for my sister in law, having ruptured liver w preeclampsia and delivered baby. she is now stable but had 4 surgeries to stop bleed. is is useful for nurses to try stimulate milk production while she is still recovering from liver surgery or should they let her body rest? any advise would be helpful as the nurses in icu reported no previous case this serious there before.