husband being sent to iraq....prayers please

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julie f
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Re : husband being sent to iraq....prayers please

Postby julie f » Fri Jun 29, 637979 7:05 pm


My prayers are with you guys, I just can't imagine. Please keep us posted and don't hesitate to let us know how we can help when the time comes.

Thank you for the sacrifices you guys make, you're in our prayers.
Much love,

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Re : husband being sent to iraq....prayers please

Postby lucy » Wed Jun 20, 637979 11:06 am

Your in my thoughts, I am sending many hugs please hang in there.

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Re : husband being sent to iraq....prayers please

Postby mnmom » Fri Feb 23, 637979 1:43 am

Holli- you all will be in our prayers. Be sure to take care of yourself during this stressful time. I know that in our community there is a really great support system set up for the families of those deployed. People really do want to help, so please let them! And, please update us often and let us know how things are going.

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Re : husband being sent to iraq....prayers please

Postby onfaith » Mon Feb 12, 637979 10:10 pm

Holli - I will be praying for you, your husband, and your entire family. My thoughts are with you and I look forward to his safe, fast return home to his beautiful family!!!

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Re : husband being sent to iraq....prayers please

Postby michellelhuston » Mon Feb 12, 637979 9:43 am


You and all of your family will be in my thoughts and prayers!

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Re : husband being sent to iraq....prayers please

Postby miracle3 » Mon Feb 12, 637979 4:47 am

Holli, Just wanted to say. I am a single mom of 3 and anytime you need advice or someone to vent to just email me. I became a single mom by divorce however, my only help now is my family. I have had to find some pretty creative ways to make it work and I would be willing to share. As for your DH he will be in my prayers. I will pray for a safe return home.

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Re : husband being sent to iraq....prayers please

Postby rosemary » Thu Feb 01, 637979 10:43 am

Holli...My sister's husband just returned from Balad, Iraq about 2 months ago. He has spent the last 6 years back and forth from Afghanistan, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi, you name it. My sister and he have three young children, and I know how hard it was for her. I hope that you have family and friends who are close enough to give you a hand and support. If you would like my sister's e-mail, please drop me a note. I am sure that she would be happy to correspond with you - and she sure can related. Your husband will be in my prayers.

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Re : husband being sent to iraq....prayers please

Postby lbdefelice » Thu Feb 01, 637979 8:07 am

Oh Holli, I totally, honestly know what you are going through. My husband is active duty and has been for 12 years. He was deployed for 8 months in 2003...(Emily, my oldest was 4 months when he left and was 1 year old when he returned.) Then, I was pregnant with Alaina, (Emily was 2 years old).... he left right before PE struck me. I went through that horrible time without him...(they wouldn't even let him come home during my 2 week hospitalization or when I ended up in the ICU 10 days postpartum). He did see Alaina when she was 6 weeks old (for the 2 week R/R). Then, he came back right before her first birthday, so all in all he was gone over a year that time. The best thing I can honestly tell you is that kids are resilient.

I was so worried that Emily would be a mess and she did have her moments when she "missed daddy so much" But, I really kept us busy... Aside from having a newborn (which kept us busy), we got involved in playgroups, church activities and book clubs with all the other wives whose husbands were also deployed. They kept me sane and we really got through it together. I don't know how I would have made it without them during that time.

I know all the emotions you are feeling and your whole family is in my prayers. Please email me if you ever want to "talk" or vent. Take care!!!

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Re : husband being sent to iraq....prayers please

Postby arj » Wed Jan 31, 637979 11:48 pm

Holli, Prayers being sent your way. That is so tough. My husband and I were both Active Duty (he still is) and the 6-monthers were bad enough, I can not imagine 18 months. That is so, so wrong, and people wonder why retention in the military is so bad. But I digress...

Is there a program available where you can tape him reading stories to your son? When I was delpoyed (my son was also 18 months), I was able to send home a DVD of myself reading, and he'd watch it before bed. We even have a picture of him kissing the TV watching me read to him.

Best of luck. I hope that you have a nice group of wives to hang with back home.

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husband being sent to iraq....prayers please

Postby holliadrienne » Wed Jan 31, 637979 11:21 pm

this is totally off subject, but my husband is being deployed to iraq in January for 18 months. At that time, our son will be 18 months old, and his daddy won't be home until he is 3.

This website and all you wonderful people got me through the hardest time in my life during my pregnancy...and now I turn to you again.

I have to be strong, and we have been through a year long deployment before, but we didn't have a child then. Please pray for my family, pray that things change and he doesn't have to go...and pray that if he does that I have the strength I need to be a single parent, and to be there for my son and husband both.

Thank you so much...i truly and whole heartedly believe that the thoughts and prayers of this group helped get my son here safely...we are all bonded together somehow...

hope you are all doing well....take care and God bless...

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