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Re : Strabismus?

Postby mom2chloe » Wed May 05, 638309 9:08 am

Thank you all for your turned out to be that she has what they call pseudostrabismus. It gives the allusion that the eye is turning or crossing, but in reality the bridge of the nose is too flat and wide. This flat bridge covers the inner part of the white of her eye as she looks in a particular direction. As her nose develops the allusion of crossing will diminish.

He said that she does have Ptosis, which is a slight droop of the eyelid, but at this point the surgery is not precise enough to correct with any real change. If it gets worse, we can discuss further options.

I have Kaiser, and as much as everyone tells horror stories- I was able to get a GREAT pediatric opthmalogist. (He even was listed as one of So Cal's best) He was very thorough and was very good with my shy daughter. I was surprised she answered any of his questions. They have great strategies with pictures and symbols...even the 3D test is grabbing the wings of a bumblebee. Chloe thought that was pretty neat.

The one thing he did mention for all of you who are thinking you need to be checked out. He said that with kids the only real way to get a valid exam of the eye is dilating the pupils. They are just too young to give real responses and they need to be examined thoroughly while dilated.

Thanks again for all the insight!
My next mommy battle is clogged tear ducts for my 3 month old; and as much as I like the opthmalogist I hope I dont have to go back in a few months for Micah. :)

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Re : Strabismus?

Postby lynnekay » Sat Apr 03, 638309 2:08 am

I have strabimus and had surgery when I was 5 (that was 40 years ago!!!) I had to wear a patch from the age of 3 to 4, then the dr's tried to experiament with my good eye and they made me wear glasses that they strengthend the weak eye with, and the dr had my mom paint red nail polish over the lens covering my good eye. That experiement failed and I had surgery to fix it. The surgery was a success and I had great vision until I was in my early 20's and my old lazy eye started to re-appear again (especially when I got tired...) I have almost zero depth perception, but I have learned to adapt my judement of distance in other ways (Yep, that is why my hubby hangs tennis balls in the garage so I won't crash into the house...).

Cosmetically, it used to really bother me that my eye tunrs inwards when I am tired and when I was 30 I went under the knife again to have them re-fix it. It is my understanding that the muscle that had been cut in my previous surgery has loosened up and they needed to go back in an re-tighten it to straighten out my eye. Long story short, once the dr. got into my bad eye he found way too much scar tissue and he could not operate on the same eye again. He did try to go into my good eye and mess around with it to try and get it to force the other eye to align with it, but the surgery bombed and I said, enough already! Now that I am over 40 I don't give one ounce of concern about how I look if my eye turns in. I can tell when it is happening and I usually crack a joke about it if I am speaking to someone and they don't think I am looking at them = I tell the person that "I REALLY AM LOOKING AT YOU, but my lazy eye and my brain are not sinking up at the moment!!!".

I know that they have come a long way since I had my surgery over 40 yrs ago, in perfecting the surgery to correct strabismus. I would highly recommend corrective surgery if & when the dr. recommends it.

Best of luck to you and Chloe...


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Re : Strabismus?

Postby josiah1112 » Thu Apr 01, 638309 4:48 pm

My preemie seems to be developing it.We have been patching it not as much as we should and will take him in for his appointment in two weeks.Thanks for sharing what to expect at this appointment.I was
hoping it was not like those awful appointments in which they would check for ROP.

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Re : Strabismus?

Postby annegarrett » Mon Mar 22, 638309 6:22 am

My two youngest (of four) have had strabismus. #3 had glasses, a prism, patching then surgery and then #4 went straight to surgery and now wears mild Rx glasses. Neither were significantly premature (38 weeks and 36 weeks respectively) so unsure how related that was to this but then we haven't studied how the children develop much. My boys are doing well. My recommendation is finding the best pediatric ophthamaologist your insurance will provide and getting a full work-up and following their recommeendations. The thing with strabimus is that it should be corrected as quickly as possible as your brain hard-wires apparently by about age 5-6 and so the brain will stop using the lazy eye and despite cosmetic correction, that eye will be blind. #4 has no depth perception at all and there's nothing we can do about it. So he's never going to be a fighter pilot or a surgeon but we still love him. :)

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Re : Strabismus?

Postby amiejo » Sun Mar 21, 638309 3:40 pm

My dd has strabismus. Like the others, we started with glasses. She also has an eye that crosses in to compensate for focus so her glasses have a small bifocal in the inner corner to help her eyes stay straight. The glasses have helped some but she didn't make the progress that they hoped so she wears a patch for a few hours a day.

I would also go with Molly's advice at finding an eye doctor that specializes in children. Her eye appointments and the progress has been much better with a pediatric doctor. Good luck tomorrow.

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Re : Strabismus?

Postby molly419 » Sun Mar 21, 638309 11:21 am

My daughter has strabismus, which we believe is due to her having ROP, and we have been treating it since she was around 2. Her eye doctor first started her on glasses at age two and we also did patching. She had a quick surgery about 1 year ago, to further fix her lazy eye, which it has. We also continue patching.

Good luck at the eye doctor, and from what I understand, strabismus can be corrected. Find a doctor who works with children and experience.

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Re : Strabismus?

Postby season » Sun Mar 21, 638309 7:40 am

My FT dd is dealing with this - she was 3 when the eye docotr caught it. One eye had great eye sight the other did not - and they were not tracking. The eye docotr was great - the exam was a lot of playing - matching shapes etc (since they can ot read eltters well at this young an age.)

We started with glasses (to hopefully avoid patching.) After 6 months of glasses - the bad eye is doing better. With the glasses that eye is even better than the strong one and she is tracking (seeing 3D better.)

The biggest challenge was getting her to wear the glasses. At first I think she did not like how it made the weak eye work harder. So we started with a few hours a day. But over time she realized that she could see better. Two things about the galsses - we paid for the ones that are basically indestructable and we use a strap which helps thems tay on - even at gymnastics.

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Re : Strabismus?

Postby jacobkaden » Sun Mar 21, 638309 3:03 am

I haven't dealt with it, but a woman that works in my building also had a preemie daughter and her daughter has it as well. I'm not sure how they deal with it?

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Postby mom2chloe » Fri Mar 19, 638309 8:13 pm

Hi there...
Its been awhile since I have posted...just getting into the swing of things since Micah was born.

But, I have noticed with my preemie daughter, Chloe,that we are having a slight "lazy eye". My ped noticed it as well at her 3 yr check up, and we have been referred to the opthmalogist. Our appt is tomorrow, yippee.

I read a little and it could be related to her prematurity (34 wks-3 lbs)
Has anyone dealt with this? What should I expect tomorrow?

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