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Re : -2 weeks adjusted and caught a cold already

Posted: Sun Jul 01, 638936 1:30 am
by klutsyone01
baby vicks, rub it on then take a cotten ball strech it out and put it on the vicks. i thought this was the weirdest home remedy when daycare told me. but my son who was born preemie last augst had a constant cold from oct to feb. he wass constantly congested. i kept taking him to the doctor and was told its just a cold and use the nose bulb and saline. his breathing rattled, he sounded like darth vador for months! then i did the home remedy and within a few nights of that and a humidifier, he sounded clear again! something about the cotten balls makes the vicks work better, dont know how but it does.

Re : -2 weeks adjusted and caught a cold already

Posted: Tue Jun 19, 638936 2:42 pm
by amandaoasis
A little bit of baby vicks and a humidifier really seemed to help my little one's breathing calm.

Re : -2 weeks adjusted and caught a cold already

Posted: Tue Jun 19, 638936 8:43 am
by rosalinda
I'm sorry your babies are sick :(
I bought some saline for my little boy because his nose gets congested and dry due to the air conditioner in the house. Anyway the brand was "Little noses" (little, and it came with a smaller nasal aspirator with a thinner tube. It might work for tiny nostrils.

-2 weeks adjusted and caught a cold already

Posted: Fri Jun 08, 638936 12:13 am
by somtamfetcher
So the twins are having a bit of a problem. They are 6 weeks old today legal age, but -2 weeks adjusted. And they are already sick. Both of them. My daughter has a temperature of 37.2 degrees C/99 degrees F. My son is still not showing a fever but has the same difficult breathing.

My daughter came down with it first. We took her into the hospital yesterday. My son started showing the same symptoms late last night. Probably no reason to take him in because we are going to be told the same thing.

I feel so bad for them. They're breathing sounds very heavy. There is obviously a significant amount of mucus in there. The hospital gave us saline drops and a nose bulb aspirator, but the poor kids nostrils are still too small to get the end of it up there.

Any ideas from the group? Anybody else suffer a sick child early on in their care? My wife and I feel like this is our fault. Logically I know we can't completely protect them from viruses no matter what we do, but to hit this so early on is just disheartening. It is impossible not to think it is because you did something wrong. They aren't even supposed to be born yet, and here I am asking them to fight off an infection.

Advice is appreciated. Is there an alternative to those bulb aspirators that is more appropriate for premature babies?