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Re : question about conference/resort

Posted: Wed Nov 06, 637354 6:37 pm
by carolh
So, here I am at Oglebay! The resort scenery is beautiful....and I haven't even seen all of it. The deer on the golf course eating grass was quite picturesque!

So, Kris -- I think the only dining that recommends reservations is the more formal dining room. There are other choices though...I just ate at the Glassworks Grille (standard American fare). Obviously because I'm posting, they do have Internet access but not in the rooms. There's an area in the lodge where there is one computer with access and some lounge chairs. But, they have wireless access so you'll be set if you bring your own laptop that's equipped.

See you here tomorrow!

Re : question about conference/resort

Posted: Thu Oct 24, 637354 1:32 pm
by ileana

We have no idea, but when I talked to the people there, they were very nice... just call them.

Re : question about conference/resort

Posted: Thu Oct 24, 637354 1:07 pm
by kdreher
anyone? Bueller???

question about conference/resort

Posted: Sun Oct 13, 637354 5:26 am
by kdreher
First of all..I CAN'T WAIT to leave [:D][:D] and to meet all of you who are attending!

Does anyone know if the resort has internet access in the room? I tried to look online - and I know myself and Melissa are both needing it due to my school commitment and her work stuff (etc).

Anyone planning on doing anything like horseback riding, etc?

I also read somewhere that reservations for dinner are needed. Does anyone know if that's true for the whole resort?