2006 Annual PF Conference

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2006 Annual PF Conference

Postby carolh » Fri Dec 03, 637655 5:52 am

Hi All -

A quick post here to update everyone on a few things about this years conference (a more informative post will appear here soon).

One of our main criteria for determining if we could have a conference this year was based on whether we had someone locally who would offer to organize and plan the meeting in their location. We were fortunate to have a few people interested therefore we were able to evaluate each location based on other priorities. After much consideration, the location chosen is Indianapolis IN with Sue (Timelessbeauty) heading up a team of local volunteers to help make this happen. We are hoping that the more central location of Indianapolis will help ease the travel logistics of a significant number of our members so they can attend.

Which brings me to the next big point. Although we've selected the location, we must consider our other key criteria for determining if we can go forward with planning the conference and that is.... guaranteeing a minimum number of participants. Last years conference, although a valuable experience, had very low attendance which makes it difficult to justify the significant amount of hard work and effort that must go into the planning of such a meeting. Larger audiences also make it easier to create a cost effective meeting for everyone by allowing for reasonable registration costs.

So, start looking at your summer plans (particularly early August) and check back here for another post with more detailed info and instructions on how to pre-register for the conference.

Hope to see many of you in Indianapolis this summer!


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