The Promise Walk for Preeclampsia is LIVE!

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The Promise Walk for Preeclampsia is LIVE!

Postby eleni » Sat Jul 03, 638923 3:06 pm

If you haven't already seen our announcement on the home page, check it out.

The Promise Walk for Preeclampsia website is alive and kicking!

The national walk team - Becky Sloan, Kara Boeldt, Denise Lang and Jamie Schmidt with a good assist by Laney Poye - have been working hand in hand with our good friends at Blue Sky Collaborative, Janin Cliff Design and Garfinkel & Associates to deliver...

I’m so very proud of the result and fantastic team work that has gone into the launch of the new name, logo and website for our annual signature walk event.

If you're reading this, YOU can be a part of this successful launch by signing up to support your favorite walker or Promise Walk location. Every dollar counts toward our $100,000 goal!

~ Eleni

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